Katherine’s Cauldron

Only in the Pulptoon premium movie vault!Katharine Cane has been stranded on a strange island where girl-eating savages and monsters reside! She struggles and complains as she is prepared in a giant POT for a ritual stew! Katherine is a spoiled first-worlder and cannot believe these savages are gonna eat her! She begs. She cries! But it is all to no avail as she is slowly cooked, basted, spanked and prodded and tormented by this outlandish tribe of creatures, (Princess Mike and Unbuckle Mega).

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In a faraway kingdom, The good King and his daughter Princess Svetlanna await as the king’s best warrior, Ivanna, brings back the head of a wicked troll who was terrorizing their forest. Little do they know that the Troll’s wife, the Trollkona that is, is watching and plotting her vengeance. Trollkona devours the royal chef and turns into her, disguising herself as the royal chef after swallowing her! She then starts to reap havoc on the King, Ivanna, the kingdom…and the Princess! Spills, gulps, thrills and roasts lay ahead! Enjoy!

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Hansel, Gretel and the Witch

Hansel and Gretel are both 18 now and about to get booted out of the house. They are step-siblings, and Gretel’s mom has been riding Hansel’s dad to get rid of the both of them. Finally, the meek father agrees, and the two young lambs are thrown out. They wander through the forest, hungry and lost, until they come upon a candy house. Relieved, both Hansel and Gretel start to hungrily devour the house, but they are greeted by the owner, a very sexy witch who invites both Hansel and Gretel inside only to capture them for her own kinky purposes!

Only in the Premium Vault!
More pages shall be available very soon! Art by Turtle Chan

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Samhain Sacrifice

The one and only dominatrix Nyxon plays a hungry witch who lays in wait on a cold Halloween night for her prey. Sure enough, sweet little Ivy is tempted into Nyxon’s house by a trail of candy. As soon as Ivy, who is dressed up like an autumn fairy for Halloween, takes a big bite out of a lollipop, she finds herself magically zapped into a giant PAN, where the evil witch starts top tease, taunt and prepare her for dinner! Nyxon gleefully bastes the very young and petite little treat Ivy, seasoning her rump, feet, thghs, breasts and other tender bits before popping her into the oven where she roasts ALIVE! Then Ivy is served on a spooky platter for a Samhain Sacrifice!


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Sworn In: Class of ’69

It is 1969. Our story opens on a group of sorority sisters about to leave school for vacation. Mary, who is on scholarship and unable to have a grand vacation, is invited by Jane and her friends to come to Jane’s family’s ritzy summer home and live it up with them. The catch is that Mary has to undergo an initiation which turns out to be much more sinister than she could have ever imagined.

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Serena’s Transformation

Serena Blair has been very, very bad.

As you all know, I am the head mistress of this learning facility. I happened to walk in on Serena, hiding in the teacher’s lounge and webcamming AT SCHOOL in her panties when she thought no one was there! What a little slut. Well, we all know how I handle sluts who try and use school time for their own little online gallivanting….

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