Serena’s Transformation

Serena Blair has been very, very bad.

As you all know, I am the head mistress of this learning facility. I happened to walk in on Serena, hiding in the teacher’s lounge and webcamming AT SCHOOL in her panties when she thought no one was there! What a little slut. Well, we all know how I handle sluts who try and use school time for their own little online gallivanting….

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Red Witch White Elf Photoset

Kassondra Raine is a wicked witch who is hungry for young, tender lamb. She has seduced a tender little school girl named Lil’ Mynxxx and easily coaxed her into getting onto her big platter! The wicked witch tastes and prepares the frightened girl for her supper! Be prepared for a fun twisted ending, too!

Starring: Lil’ Mynxxx and Kassondra Raine

DelishKassandraLil4sm - Copy

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The Invasion Continued YET AGAIN!

Mary has been taken by a cruel female alien as a pet aboard a human cattle ship! Mary is caged with two other delectable human girls. The tenacious Mary helps the girls out of their binds and leads them on a crazy adventure through the alien ship as they try to escape! But what will befall these damsels? Find out as our terrifying tale continues!

art by unamujer studio

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