Jungle Trouble 2: The Amazon Feast!

The Amazonian tribe of beautiful and fatal females continue to prey on the soft flesh of the ‘civilized’ world. Melanippe, Queen of the amazons, finishes up her last feast and decides that it is time to prey on a juicy, big-breasted redhead that she has kept in her trap. Her right hand woman, Antibrote joins in the ritual as they torture, use and prepare their captive before the final sacrifice and feast!

Art by Gula Visual

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Coming Soon to Pulptoon Movie Vault

Episode one of a serial thriller drama featuring Jolene Hexx as a strange and kinky seductress with a strange and lethal appetite. Carmen Valentina has been staying with Jolene, but things are just not working out. Jolene is known by the community as being a kind woman who takes in girls who are struggling and looking for work, unable to pay their bills. Jolene always gives them a chance, but some take advantage. When things don’t work out with Carmen, a new tenant named Sarah Brooke comes to take her place. From there on out a chilling take unfolds!

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Road Trip

Slasher is back! And his art is more demented than ever!

Two spoiled and foolish college girls are on a road trip through East Texas. Little do these innocent and naive girls know that they have encountered a territory belonging to a notorious family or ravenous redneck women with lustful appetites..things get suspenseful, scary and gruesome for the unlucky pair!

Art by Slasher

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