The Pulp Pixies go Prehistoric!

The Pulp Pixies are getting into mischief again! It all starts one quiet evening in the Pixie’s humble home when all three maidens of mayhem are magically ZAPPED into the stone age! Soon enough, Ravenous, Betty and Lucy are captured by a tribe of sadistic and busty cave women led by the notorious Hussa Hussa. Their fate is about to unfold in this tale.

art by Jiminez

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Undead and Lovin’ It: The Prequel PART TWO

After a perilous experience, Jolene has now started to turn. She is ‘human’, but suddenly hungry and ravenous for her confused lover’s flesh. Tasia becomes more afraid as Jolene becomes more voracious with her. Tasia has never seen this side of Jolene before..

Jolene ties Tasia up and Tasia realizes too late that this was a bad mistake. Now te original culprit, a zombified Liam Lockran, comes back to enjoy this feast with Jolene as Tasia struggles. For those of you who like the HUNGRY, sensual female and a softer touch, then part of this movie is for you as Jolene sensually and lovingly nibbles at Tasia. But we do get more aggressive as the ‘zombie’ kicks in!

Meanwhile, beautiful blonde Charlie has driven to the abandoned factory to see what her lover, Tasia, has been up to with Jolene, only to find a horrible surprise!

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Undead and Lovin’ It: The Prequel PART ONE

In our original tale, Undead and Lovin’ It, Jolene plays is hungry, mindless zombie who attacks Cheyenne Jewel and Starri Knight. But where did Jolene’s story begin? How did it all happen? Join us in this tale of passion, betrayal, horror and lust. Jolene Hexx and Tasia Lockran are two lovers sneaking off to get it on one sunny afternoon. The two girls are so hot for each other, that Tasia vows to break up with her girlfriend, Charlie, that night. Little do they know what hungrily lurks waiting for prime meat just like them! The first to turn after a nasty bite is Jolene…who slowly becomes more and more ravenous for her lover, Tasia.

Part two coming soon right here!

Starring Slave Tasia Lockran, Master Liam Lockran, Charlie and Jolene Hexx
directed and produced by Agatha Delicious

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