Red Witch White Elf Photoset

Kassondra Raine is a wicked witch who is hungry for young, tender lamb. She has seduced a tender little school girl named Lil’ Mynxxx and easily coaxed her into getting onto her big platter! The wicked witch tastes and prepares the frightened girl for her supper! Be prepared for a fun twisted ending, too!

Starring: Lil’ Mynxxx and Kassondra Raine

DelishKassandraLil4sm - Copy

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The Invasion Continued YET AGAIN!

Mary has been taken by a cruel female alien as a pet aboard a human cattle ship! Mary is caged with two other delectable human girls. The tenacious Mary helps the girls out of their binds and leads them on a crazy adventure through the alien ship as they try to escape! But what will befall these damsels? Find out as our terrifying tale continues!

art by unamujer studio

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Island of The Cannibal Queen

On a secluded Island far away there lives a tribe of savage women. Two damsels from the ‘civilized’ world happen to wash up upon the shore of this island after a large ocean liner crashes. These clueless ladies have now ides what they are in store for as they face some of the most savage and merciless lesbians on Earth!

Art by Carjim
Story by Pulptoon

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Fire Them Up! Photoset

Enjoy an eclectic photo series of the various females that we capture, cage, cook and sell here at Pulptoon Enterprises!
From the spit to the oven, these girls all get it in the end!

Starring: Alexa Nova, Daisy Del Rae, Sexi Raven Rae, Whitney Morgan, Jolene Hexx, Caroline Pierce, Quinn Rain, Starlett Moon and Diablo.




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