This Alien Doc Has Kinky Plans for these Two Buxom Babes!? It’s MARCH MARTIAN MADNESS!

Thanks for the patience between these major updates. It took a bit to prepare such an epic unleashing of pulpy perversity! We’ve got a mega-triple dose of perverted martian madness coming to PulpToon over the next month!

First up it’s the first movie in the brand spankin’ new film series… The Mad Doctor from Mars! Don’t miss visionary director John Marshall’s epic depiction of sexy babes in the hands of a kinky martian doctor who has naughty intentions with their bare bodies…


And did we say perverted Medical Martians? Oh no! Guess who’s coming back soon…


And that’s not the only Monthly Martian Malevolence headed to PulpToon! Stay tuned for a few more surprises…

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Dark Outer Space Mysteries Await this Plucky Teen!

Once again PulpToon is teaming up with Shoogerbare to bring a new serial pulp adventure to life! This time it’s the adventures of one girl named Sally Ryder whose life is about to go through a very big change. What dangers are lurking in the furthest depths of outer space? Find out in the first issue of…

Martians Invade!

Those maniacal martians are here! And this time they have their own comic book series! What do they want to do to nubile Earth babes!?

Find out what happens in this tale of cheerleaders abducted by cruel intergalactic perverts in this very special first issue of the new ongoing series “Martians  Invade!”

In Memoriam: PulpToon Artist Jose Luis Ferrer

Hey folks. Sad news to report the passing of the wonderful and talented illustrator Jose Luis Ferrer who created the amazing “Horrifying Hijinks at the Haunted Hotel” comics for us this past year.

Ferrer created some simply brilliant art and his passing reminds us of the terrific talent and craftsmanship he brought to his skill. Here’s some of the works he created for comic books and us right here in the PulpToon premium vault…

Here’s a news article about his life and passing:

In Memoriam: Jose Luis FerrerWe’re sorry to report the passing of Catalan comics artist and illustrator Jose Luis Ferrer (José Luis Ferrér Rozalen), whose credits included 2000AD, Starlord and many other British comics.His agent, Esteve Dalmau, told downthetubes he finally succumbed to an aggressive brain tumor earlier today.

Signing his work as, simply, Ferrer, Jose studied Fine Art but was basically self taught and had been drawing professionally for more than 30 years, half of which have been spent doing comics for various publishers, mostly in Spain.

Lambiek notes he began his career drawing for the action comics published by Galaor and Toray in the 1960s. He drew for collections like Batallas Decisivas de la Humanidad, Hazañas del Oeste and Hazañas Bélicas, before turning to agency work.

He was affiliated with studios like Bulls Press, Union Studio (1975-79) and Recreo (1979-82) and worked for publishing houses in France, Britain, Germany, Sweden and the USA.

He worked for several British publishers in the 1970s and 80s: firstly, IPC and Fleetway, drawing strips such as Ants and Robo Hunter for early issues of 2000AD, and Ro Busters for Star Lord.

His first credit for 2000AD was a Tharg Future Shock, ‘Times Past’, written by Martin Lock for Prog 42.

“I also worked with DC Thomson through Norma Comics on war and science fiction stories, and also in Germany (mainly with Bastei),” he once told me. “Here, I basically did children’s comics, horror comics, and adaptations for TV series such as The Real Ghostbusters and Captain Future.” He worked on this last series for five years.

Jose subsequently had worked with TV3 and have published with Norma Comics and have also worked with the principal publishing houses in Spain on projects such as encyclopedias,
text books and more.


This is a link to a Flickr gallery of some of his other works:…th/4438736822/

It’s sad to lose someone, but I’m glad to know that we got to share in his wonderful gifts while he was still with us. Thanks Jose Ferrer.