View Full Version : An happy couple of orcs.

03-09-2010, 12:40 PM
It was a cold October day when my girlfriend Summer and me went into the mountains. I don't fuck for a month and her tits were swinging me come very hard at every step.
At the top of the mountain, we stripped and thrown in a lake in a warm cave, and when we emerged from the lake we did it on again, I pushed her over into her warm cunt sucking her hot breasts

But just as I am coming, I see two shadows that surround us were a couple of orcs, the female grabs my cock and slips it into his mouth, sucking hungrily strong enough to swallow all the sperm a month, and while I faint for weariness I see the male ogre that violent Summer sucking her breasts and penetrated the beautiful tender ass while she screams desperately.

When I awoke I was in a cave tied to a pole, and poor Summer tied around the spit. I screamed and said to let her go, only to take me to his place, but the ogre girl bit my nipples and I put an apple in his mouth to silence me. Then she began to oil me and told me that my meat was more tender and that tonight I would be the main dish along with pork girl spit. The ogre meanwhile masturbated Summer with vegetables but she did not enjoy. Then she began to slap it on all parts of the body and she screamed and cried. Then while I was excited because the ogress scared me violently sucked the ogre began to bite my beloved on the thighs and buttocks drooling with hunger.

Bedazzled then spit the apple and I said to a spasm and the other to let go of my Summer if I brought two other fleshy women.

The ogre let me go and gave me two days to find them, after which, he mailed the head of my angel with his shapely cunt in a plastic bag.

I decided to try to found two innocent prey in my city through Facebook. One was called Clare, and was plump and curvy at the right point, while the other was called Candy and she was a brunette with huge breasts and black sinuous and exciting as the devil. When I took her to the cave, the ogre grabbed the African and threw it into a pot of boiling milk, while Clare was placed in a hot oven, cut into slices.

But then but the troll did not keep his promise and told his wife to cook me and Summer together in a vegetable soup, so we tied facing each other, and while we brush with oil and salt, I was hard and slipped into pussy Simona puts me face between her enormous breasts.

We ate together on a huge plate and Simona have tears in their eyes when picked clean and tear away the pieces of the legs and breasts.

I am writing this story from hell, and as I write I am excited and Simona dressed as a devil to me play with nipples and suck my cocka and making me fulll orgasms that come up to heaven.