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  1. vincent
    Dolcett always brings up mixed feelings for me. On the plus side, he really did open up the cannart world for me. On the minus side I'm not keen on the torture and incest angles as well as the matter-of-fact acceptance or willingness to be eaten.

    I would say that my favorite cannartists are KAt, PeteK, Fionn, Shapeshifter, and Ash. Some of tWisted's stuff is along the lines of what I enjoy, too. I wish that Agatha would do more art. Blackrider's manips are my favorites of that genre...and I don't usually enjoy manips, so that's saying a lot.

    What about you folks?
  2. blackriderfae
    Dolcett....meh. My view is, the modern cann art/fetish scene is dominated by two sources: the work and BDSM-type slave/pet/object ethic of Dolcett, and the silly jungle cannibalism pot/tied to spit cartoon style, with the jungle natives. I don't really like either one at all, especially. Just me.
  3. blackriderfae
    As for those currently making art, Ash has fun style and is suitably silly, and peteK, Fionn, and KAt all have great concepts and humor, which I value a lot. I greatly enjoy all of Megh's work as well, fun style and cute, very appealing. My associate Journeyman does good work with images and very thoughtful about the methods and detailing. And thank you Vincent for the kind words about my work..I just try to make it somewhat resemble the original idea I had..I'm not big on the "narrate a whole story" approach with text and having to add captions, or make it some big thing about how the girl was taken or why being cooked or whatever. A good photomanip should be visually strong and cohesive and not need written should be able to know whats going on from looking at it, and have all the elements work together to provoke a response. Just my thoughts.
  4. naylands
    I confess i discovered Dolcett is my early days online, but his work grew old very quick. I am fan of the old cannibal jungle theme(Kat, Petek, Correll and others), but i do like the manips of Fae(your color, the different themes), Old Amos(again Jungle theme) and Femcan art of Kat and others.
  5. peteK
    Funny you should bring this up, Nay. Honest-to-God, I'm planning a toon entitled "Why I don't do Dolcett". You're right about his opening up the genre, but I never could quite get next to the image of a spit shoved up a meatgirl's crotch (anus? vagina?) and coming out her mouth. I mean, that looks damn uncomfortable. She's not going to be around to 'enjoy the fire' after that thing gets put there. And that creepy 'familiar' look to the characters, along with the suggested incest is a turn off for me.
  6. devils_f00d
    Absolutely agree, petek. The whole spit thing driven through someone is a major turnoff for me. The incest and pleading/willingness to be eaten also makes me cringe. Like most, Dolcett was one of my first exposures to the fetish online, and would have been my last had I not been fortunate enough to find a place such as this. For some time, I thought Dolcett-inspired "art" and stories were the only cann stuff available and I was highly disappointed. I'm very thankful to have discovered there is more to this fantasy than Dolcett themes and spit roasting incestual acts.
  7. Fionn
    Well I'm not a Dolcett fan by any means. And there was a reworking of one of his series posted not that long ago on the Darkside that left me feeling sorry that I read it. It was seriously a bit too much for me.

    Having said that, (And about the spit roasting thing) I actually quite like the treatment that the Mukis give the same subject. Similar content, totally different medium, but the overall effect is softer and more palatable, if you don't mind the pun.
  8. Claire_Pie
    I am not keen on Dolcett at all. The first images I ever came across were at Mukis kitchen and the second lot were the cartoons such as used to be on Canntoon. The whole cann fetish thing fascinates me, however, and I have spent time chatting to Dolcett enthusiasts. It is one of the few sides of the fetish I have failed to understand even partially. The spitting I find horrible, the incest inappropriate, the female subservience a turn-off. Mostly, I think, the images are those that might be thought up by your average serial killer. My preference is for Blackriderfae's manips, Ash's stories and PeteK's humour.
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