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    cannstory STORY: Cannibal Spa

    Greeting gang,

    I just finished re-editing my second story "Cannibal Spa"

    I really hope you all enjoy it.


    DATE STARTED: September 11, 2004
    DATE FINISHED: June 5, 2005

    This is a tale of cannibalism in its softest, most erotic, form. While writing it, I sincerely tried my best to be as respectful and appreciative towards women as possible.

    I truly hoped that I succeeded.

    The beautiful main character, or main course, is always the 'center of attention' as she is passionately prepared with the desire, affection and respect that she so truly deserves. We must never forget that there would be no exquisite feast without her.

    This is a sensual fantasy, describing in great detail the erotic dinner preparations of a beautiful woman whom has had the good, or bad, fortune of being caught by an extremely kind, but very hungry, chef.

    Be forewarned that this story does not contain any blood, gore, butchering, gutting, incest, rape or violence. I know that this may not be very realistic, especially when you consider the fact that the woman is going to be cooked and feasted upon, but realism is not the goal of this story.

    My goal is to create a silly erotic fantasy filled with good old 'girl gobbling' fun.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    After receiving many wonderful and positive responses for my first story "Oven Roasted Jessica", I decided to take another crack at the writing gig. I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn't just another 'one-hit' wonder.

    At the time, I was still chatting with my original muse Jessica --- so I asked her to be my inspiration once again. Needless to say, she was absolutely thrilled to have another story written in her honor.

    Unfortunately, after writing the first couple of chapters, Jessica just disappeared --- never to be heard by me again. I truly hope that she made an exquisite feast for someone very special ;-)

    Although I was quite disappointed, I bravely decided to continue writing the story on my own. Then one fateful night I met someone else online --- another Jessica known as Jess4u.

    Although they shared the same name, my new Jessica was quite different. Jess4u enjoyed this fantasy even more so --- and freely offered incredible ideas and suggestions as I sent her the story chapter by chapter. She then became my muse for this story --- plus a few others as well. In fact, she is someone I still chat with on occasion today.

    In the end, this story received many positive and encouraging comments which was incredibly rewarding. It was at this point that I considered myself to be accepted as an official writer.

    Some may have also noticed that I took a long time to complete this story. Almost nine months to be exact. In fact, writing stories too slowly has been my main criticism.

    Unfortunately, this is something that I cannot avoid. I have a very demanding job and lifestyle which can often intrude upon my precious writing time. I know, it sucks, but I gotta keep paying those darn bills.

    Another reason this story took so long to write is because I was simultaneously writing my third story "Agatha and the Chefs"

    CANNIBAL SPA (Part 1: The Endorsement)

    Jessica was really stressed. Not only was she a full time college student studying marine biology, but she also had two part time jobs to pay her bills. At the end of her shifts, it took every ounce of her strength and determination just to perform her weekly fitness routine to keep herself in shape.

    Her workouts were an important part of her studies, because her marine biology courses required her to be in good physical condition for scuba diving. Combining her hectic daily routine with the fact that her final exams were fast approaching, Jessica knew that things were going to get even tougher.

    "Hell, even getting a full night's sleep was becoming a luxury." Jessica groaned with exhaustion.

    Wendy sat next to Jessica, sipping her coffee, and kindly giving Jessica a shoulder to cry on. She too knew the stress of being a young woman in school, struggling to make ends meet and managing a crazy schedule. There were no real solutions to these problems. Students just had to learn to deal with them on a daily basis.

    As the two classmates continued their therapeutic chat, Wendy suddenly remembered something that she really wanted to share with her friend --- and began to look frantically through her purse.

    Watching as her friend practically emptied out the contents of her purse onto the small table in front of her, Jessica became increasingly intrigued.

    Soon, Wendy smiled with great satisfaction as she found the object she so desired. She handed Jessica a business card, which simply said "Mac's Spa".

    With great enthusiasm, Wendy told Jessica that she recently found this spa which was very conveniently located near their campus. It was a special spa which catered only to women. She then mentioned that she gave the place a try and was incredibly pleased.

    Jessica thought about this for a moment. Perhaps a few hours of pampering would do her some good, she thought to herself.

    Jessica then asked how much a session would cost. Like most college students, Jessica was very hard up for cash. Fortunately, Wendy told her that the prices were unbeatable --- and that female students living on campus grounds received amazing discounts.

    Now Jessica was very interested.

    Then, with great eagerness, Wendy then began to tell Jessica that this was the most unique spa that she had ever seen.

    Jessica, who had been to other spas, was now also intrigued. She asked Wendy what made this one so different.

    Looking around just to be sure that no one was listening to their conversation, Wendy giggled and quietly whispered to Jessica that this spa had sort of a "cannibal-like" theme to it.

    This was definitely a different concept for a spa, Jessica thought to herself. She found herself incredibly intrigued and asked Wendy to explain exactly what she meant by "cannibal-like".

    Speaking more freely knowing that their conversation was still private, Wendy explained that the whole spa was decorated like an African jungle safari, with soft drums playing in the background.

    Very shyly, Jessica confessed that she kind of liked the sound of that.

    Then Wendy mentioned that this wasn't the best part. In a quiet tone, she whispered to Jessica that all of the spa equipment was designed to resemble cooking appliances.

    This was just too adorable for Jessica and she burst out loud with laughter --- gaining the attention of the entire coffee shop. Once she had quieted down, and everyone in the café stopped peering in their direction, Jessica then asked discretely, but excitedly, in disbelief, "Are you serious? You mean to tell me that while you are getting your spa treatment --- it actually seems like you are being cooked by cannibals?"

    Wendy nodded her head excitedly and smiled with delight.

    She told Jessica that the whirlpool was actually cleverly designed to resemble big black cannibal cauldron, the massage table was a really a long kitchen counter, and the tanning booths were either a rotisserie or giant oven.

    Jessica was now extremely fascinated and asked, "So, which treatment did you get?"

    Wendy told her that she tried the massage and whirlpool combination. She described in vivid detail how she was thoroughly massaged all over her body for over an hour with special oiled herbs --- and then how she relaxed within a nice warm steamy cauldron for as long as she desired.

    As Wendy described her experience, Jessica hung on to every word she said.

    Wendy then concluded with a chuckle, "In the end, I felt like I was going to be served as the main course at a banquet. It was just awesome --- and surprising so erotic. As I was being 'prepared' I had never felt more desirable in my life."

    Jessica then asked Wendy if she tried the tanning booth. For some reason, the thought of pretending to be roasted suddenly really began to fascinate Jessica.

    Unfortunately, Wendy told her that she had to turn down the tanning treatment. She really didn't like enclosed spaces, so being placed in an oven, real or not, was simply out of the question. She also didn't like the idea of being bound to a rotisserie and turned around and around over a hot grill.

    Now this really got Jessica's attention.

    Still tying to be discrete enough not to draw any attention to their conversation, she asked Wendy in an excited tone, "You mean they actually bind you to a rotisserie and turn you over a grill?"

    Wendy nodded and began to describe to Jessica how the treatment worked.

    She explained that the woman would be tied on the rotisserie in a position that was most comfortable for her. Once securely bound to the pole, she would then be carefully placed over the center of the BBQ and begin turning slowly over the grill. What made it even more realistic was the fact that the grill was actually heated with real coals and hickory chips.

    Wendy then continued to explain that as the woman slowly rotated over the hot grill, the masseuse would thoroughly rub a nice herbal seasoning all over her warm body. This seasoning would enhance her tan, relax her muscles, keep her comfortable as she turned over the fire --- and simulate actual basting to make the fantasy seem even more real.

    Jessica laughed again and asked jokingly, "Do they also put an apple in your mouth?"

    Wendy burst out laughing as well and said, "Perhaps if you asked him very politely".

    This sounded like a lot of fun to Jessica, but she was a little concerned about safety. No woman in her right mind would really want to be tied up and cooked alive over an open fire.

    However, Wendy quickly reassured Jessica that the treatments were completely safe and that they were just designed to enhance the fantasy of being cooked by cannibals. She also explained these heat treatments were incredibly relaxing for muscle tension caused by stress and concluded by saying, "When I finished cooking in the pot, I had never felt more relaxed in my life. I could only image how incredible the roasting would feel."

    Just then, Wendy realized that she was almost late for her next class. She said goodbye to Jessica and, as she was running towards the door, told her to go to the spa. Wendy looked back before leaving and told Jessica that she would not be disappointed.

    Jessica looked at the business card for a moment. This was too good of an offer to pass up.

    CANNIBAL SPA (Part 2: The Reservation)

    Jessica wasted no time contacting "Mac's Spa".

    Once she finished her final class of the day she rushed to the phone and called the number on the business card. She knew that her schedule was relatively free on Saturday morning, so she hoped to book an appointment for this coming weekend.

    After a few rings, Jessica heard a friendly "Hello, Mac's Spa." from the other end of the line. She responded by politely asking if there was any time available on Saturday morning to make a reservation.

    The voice on the phone paused for a moment. After a few seconds the voice said cheerfully, "Great News. We are completely free Saturday morning. You can reserve any time you want and you'll have the whole spa to yourself".

    This was fantastic. Due to her busy schedule on Saturday afternoon, she decided to take the earliest time available, which was eight o'clock in the morning. Jessica quickly gave her name to the person over the phone a booked her starting time.

    "Now comes the fun part. Are you familiar with our spa theme?" asked the person over the phone making the reservation.

    "You mean the cannibal-theme. Yes, I'm very aware of it." Jessica said with much excitement.

    She told the person that her friend described the entire cannibal cooking fantasy to her and that she was really anxious to try it first hand for herself.

    The person over the phone sounded pleased. The voice responded, "Excellent. Do you know which cooking package you would prefer?"

    Jessica stalled for a moment. She didn't know that the spa offered different cooking packages. Not knowing her options, she asked the person to describe which "cooking" packages where available.

    The voice over the phone was more than happy to help Jessica and described each of the packages to her:

    Package 1: Massage and Herbal Steam Bath
    You would be seasoned and cooked in a pot
    Package 2: Massage and Tanning Booth
    You would be seasoned and roasted in an oven or rotisserie
    Package 3: Herbal Steam Bath and Tanning Booth
    You would be marinated and roasted in an oven or rotisserie
    Package 4: Herbal Steam Bath, Massage and Tanning Booth
    You would be marinated, seasoned and roasted in an oven or rotisserie

    Jessica thought about it for a moment and replied, "Wow. They all sound so tempting."

    She then asked the person over the phone which was the most popular package.

    The person responded by telling Jessica that Package 4 was the deluxe package and that every person whom had ever tried it was completely satisfied.

    Jessica hesitated for a moment. She mentioned that she was concerned about the price. The person laughed politely with Jessica. "I'll tell you what. Since the spa is completely empty that morning, I'll give you Package 4 for the price of Package 2. This deal, combined with your campus discount, and an additional discount for first time customers is an amazing offer. You'll get over three hours of cannibal-themed spa relaxation for under forth dollars."

    This was an offer Jessica couldn't refuse. The package was chosen and the time was set. Jessica could hardly wait for her "preparations".

    CANNIBAL SPA (Part 3: Saturday Morning)

    Although the week seemed to go on forever, Saturday morning had finally arrived. Jessica could hardly wait to begin her appointment at the spa. She really needed some relief from her stressful schedule.

    Her last few days had been filled with tough classes, difficult assignments, long study sessions, grueling workouts, and two double shifts at work. Her week was hell, but now it was time for some well deserved pampering.

    Using the directions given to her when she made her reservation, Jessica arrived at the spa just before eight o'clock. Being late for a class was one thing, but she wasn't going to be late for this appointment. Jessica didn't want to lose a moment of her cannibal themed treatment. She could hardly wait to get "cooking".

    As Jessica looked around, she noticed that "Mac's Spa" was actually someone's house. At first she thought this was a little odd, but after admiring the well crafted home, she felt that this place was far more charming and private.

    Jessica knocked on the door and was soon greeted by Mac himself.

    "Welcome to Mac's spa. You must be Jessica.", Mac said courteously to his beautiful client as he shook her hand.

    He had a strong, firm grip, which Jessica really liked. A firm grip for a firm massage, she thought to herself.

    Jessica introduced herself to Mac and thanked him for scheduling her on such short notice and for giving her the generous discounts.

    Then with a big friendly smile he replied, "Please Jessica, your thanks are necessary. It really was no trouble at all. Besides, the pleasure is all mine my dear. Now that I've seen how lovely you are in person, I am really looking forward to preparing you for dinner."

    Jessica laughed sweetly and replied jokingly, "Well, thank you. I'm looking forward to being prepared for dinner as well."

    Jessica continued laughing with Mac as she entered the spa.

    Before starting, Mac brought Jessica to his office to ask a few questions about her treatment. He promised that this would only take a few minutes and then her "preparations" would begin.

    She was incredibly anxious and couldn't wait to see the cannibal equipment. Mac offered Jessica a seat and began to ask her some questions.

    He began by asking, "So if I'm not mistaken, you've chosen package number four. This includes the herbal bath, massage and tanning booth."

    Jessica nodded in agreement.

    He then asked, "Are you allergic to any spices like parsley, rosemary or thyme?"

    Jessica giggled at the question and shook her head.

    Smiling kindly himself, he then asked, "During your treatment, would you prefer to be completely undressed? If this makes you feel uncomfortable, I can provide a swimsuit for you to wear."

    Jessica thought about this for a moment. She was a little shy about exposing herself. She asked Mac "Do I really have the whole spa all to myself today?"

    Mac opened his appointment book and showed Jessica that the whole morning had been reserved just for her. He explained that he only allowed one client in the spa during the treatment, or perhaps two, if the women knew each other.

    Jessica wondered if this was bad for business.

    Mac told her that there were two reasons for this policy. The first reason was that he was the only masseuse working at "Mac's Spa". He alone could not maintain the quality treatment for several women at the same time. Mac told Jessica that he made sure that each woman was "prepared" with great satisfaction.

    Jessica really liked the sound of that.

    The other reason was privacy. Mac explained that in today's society, the cannibal fantasy is not considered acceptable or mainstream. Most people who have this desire, unfortunately, feel the need to keep these feelings secret. Many will deny themselves the pleasure of enjoying this fantasy because they are shy or embarrassed.

    Jessica understood this reason completely.

    Mac concluded by telling Jessica, "At Mac's Spa, your treatment is completely safe and private. You can have your fantasy fulfilled, any way you desire, without having to be embarrassed. Although you play the role of the dinner, I will personally prepare you exactly the way you wish to be prepared. My goal is to make this fantasy seem as real as possible."

    Jessica's feelings of shyness were now overpowered by desire. She really wanted to explore her fantasy.

    Jessica said sweetly, "Well then --- if I was really going to be cooked by cannibals, then I doubt very much that I'd be wearing a swimsuit. In fact, I'm quite sure that the only thing I'd be wearing at the feast would be seasoning and garnish. So, since I want this treatment to be as realistic as possible, I've decided that I won't need a swimsuit for today's session."

    Mac really liked her answer.

    Now that all of his questions had been answered, Mac was ready to begin her preparations.

    CANNIBAL SPA (Part 4: Starting The Fantasy)

    Mac led Jessica to a small room. He told her that she could undress here and wait for him to return.

    Desperately eager to start her "cannibal treatment", Jessica began to undress herself immediately. Not use to being naked, especially with someone she just met, Jessica felt a little nervous. However, she knew from experience that spa treatments were much more comfortable in the flesh. Besides, Mac was quite handsome and well built. The thought of being naked in front of him felt adventurous and exciting.

    As she removed her last article of clothing, she looked at herself in the full length mirror on the wall. She wanted to be sure that she looked good for her preparations.

    At the tender age of twenty-one, this very fit, five foot three inch blond was ravishing. Through aerobic training, swimming and scuba diving, she developed a very fit and lean body. Her midsection was exquisite. Her tummy was lean with just a touch of body fat to give it a sexy shape around her bellybutton. Her well toned arms, shoulders and back proved that she swam on a regular basis. This swimming also helped develop her beautifully strong legs and a curvy, firm rear. Her young shapely breasts were absolutely divine, as she exposed their firm rounded form magnificently.

    Still a little shy, Jessica thought to herself, "I hope I look good enough to eat".

    Mac returned to the changing room and knocked on the door.

    Getting into his role as the cannibal chef, he asked Jessica if she was ready to begin her preparations.

    Getting into her role as the dinner, Jessica responded by opening the door completely naked and saying, "I'm ready to start cooking".

    She was so beautiful that Mac almost began to salivate at the site of her.

    Jessica noticed that Mac had brought a rectangular metal serving tray on wheels. It was easily large enough for her to lie on. It seemed that her cannibal fantasy was about to start.

    With her permission, he gently picked her up and placed her on the tray, lying on her back with her legs slightly bent. Jessica was so excited that the fantasy seemed so realistic. She could actually picture herself being captured by a cannibal and rolled into the kitchen on the serving tray to begin her preparations.

    As she lay there comfortably, she asked Mac, "So, I guess it's time to marinate me in the pot."

    Mac shook his head and happily told Jessica that before marinating, she would receive two additional services, free of charge.

    Jessica was intrigued.

    Mac explained, "As a special promotion, and because you look so edible, you are going to get two free services. First a Brazilian bikini wax, followed by a twenty minute shower massage."

    Jessica couldn't believe her incredible luck. She had never tried a shower massage before, but it sounded fantastic. Additionally, a bikini wax would normally cost her over fifty dollars.

    Jessica turned her head back and thanked Mac has he rolled her to her next destination. Mac told Jessica that the pleasure was all his.

    Mac rolled Jessica into a bathroom so large that it reminded Jessica of the shower room at her gym. Still lying on the tray, she began to look around the room and immediately recognized the shower massager.

    It was basically a horizontal pole with eight showerheads attached to it. Once underneath the pole, all of the showerheads would simultaneously splash high pressure jets of water all over her body.

    Jessica knew that this was going to feel incredible.

    Mac interrupted her "wet dream" by asking if she was ready to begin her bikini wax.

    Jessica told him that she was ready.

    As she lied there motionless, Mac carefully started to apply the hot wax to her bikini area. He took great care making sure that the wax was not hot enough to burn her sensitive skin. When the time was right, he applied the strips to her loin and began removing her pubic hair.

    Jessica was amazed. Usually waxing was very painful, but she hardly felt a thing. Before she realized it, the waxing was finished and all of her pubic hair had been removed.

    Mac knew exactly what she was thinking and smiled. He said kindly, "So, you probably want to know why this bikini wax didn't hurt. Well, I use a special wax that starts to dissolve the hair before it is removed, making it much less painful."

    Jessica gently rubbed her pubic area. There was absolutely no irritation and she had never felt that smooth in her life. Jessica replied, "This is awesome. For now on I'll be coming here during bathing suit season."

    Mac laughed as he began to push the serving tray to her next destination.

    Mac rolled Jessica underneath the showed massager and gently positioned her so that she was lying completely straight on her back with her arms along her sides.

    Getting into her role as the dinner, Jessica laughed and said, "I guess you're washing me for dinner."

    Mac laughed along as he agreed with her.

    He then placed the serving tray so that the first two showerheads where just above her breasts and the remaining showerheads were positioned along the rest of her beautiful body.

    After testing the water to make sure that it was the perfect temperature, he turned on all of the showerheads full blast. The instant the water hit Jessica's body, she was in heaven. She could actually begin to feel all of her stress washing away beneath the high powered jets was they pounded warm water endlessly against her tense muscles.

    Mac then set the timer for ten minutes.

    As Jessica lay there, completely relaxed beneath the high pressured streams of water, Mac couldn't help himself from discretely admiring her gorgeous nude figure for a moment. She was absolutely a succulent morsel --- and he couldn't wait to start her dinner preparations.

    Mac was so proud of himself. This was the best idea he had ever come up with.

    I case it wasn't clearly obvious by now, Mac actually is a cannibal chef pretending to be a cannibal chef in a cannibal themed spa.

    Each day, clueless women would literally deliver themselves to Mac and willingly allow themselves to be prepared for dinner --- thinking that it was just a fantasy. By the time they realized that they were actually being cooked --- it was too late.

    Oh, the look on their faces when the realization of what was truly happening finally set in was priceless --- and it was even better when they had an apple stuffed in their mouth.

    Admiring Jessica's beautiful wet naked body, Mac savored the fact that she had no idea that he was really preparing her for dinner tonight. Hell, she even selected her own cooking method without even knowing it.

    Soon the timer went off and Mac gently positioned Jessica onto her stomach, placing her arms so her chin could rest comfortably on her hands. As he gently positioned her willing body into position, it took all of Mac's strength not to begin eating her on the spot. Her firm, wet body was exquisite beyond compare.

    As he set the timer for another ten minutes, he looked at Jessica and realized how much she resembled a succulent long pig in that position. All that was missing was the apple in her mouth.

    He wondered how long it would take her to discover that she was really tonight's main course.

    CANNIBAL SPA (Part 5: The Kitchen)

    Jessica couldn't believe how wonderful the water massage had felt.

    The steady stream from the high pressured jets really relaxed her tense muscles as the water pulsated over her entire body. The water pressure was so intense that it felt as if every dead skin cell had been scrubbed away from her body.

    She had never felt so clean and refreshed in her life. Unfortunately for poor Jessica, she had absolutely no idea that she was actually being washed for dinner.

    Mac looked at her clean, hairless body and smiled contently --- knowing that she was one step closer to becoming this evening's scrumptious feast. He could already tell just by looking at her that she was going to make a divine main course.

    Once the massage was over, Mac rolled the serving cart out of the shower and began to delicately dry Jessica's wet naked body with a fresh, fluffy towel.

    Jessica was amazed at the impeccable service she was receiving. With such affordable prices, she knew that she would definitely be coming back as a regular customer. Unfortunately for Jessica, Mac had other plans for Jessica that would prevent this from happening. Mainly dinner plans.

    After taking a few minutes to dry off, Jessica found herself lying on her back again and being wheeled to her next destination.

    As Mac rolled Jessica down the hallway, she noticed the jungle music playing in the background, just as Wendy had described. The sound of beating drums filled the room, mixed with a variety of jungle noises associated with the typical cannibal scenarios from cartoons and movies.

    She laughed to herself as she thought, "Wow, dinner music for cannibals."

    She looked up at Mac and playfully asked. "I love your choice of music. It really sets the mood for a nice delicious cannibal banquet. Tell me, do you ever get requests from your dinner guests?"

    Mac thought for a moment and replied, "I have gotten requests for Hawaian music from some of my dinner guests while they are rotating on the rotisserie."

    Jessica laughed and said, "It probably makes them feel like they are at a traditional Hawaian Luau, except they are the piggy being roasted."

    Mac laughed, "Makes perfect sense to me."

    Still playfully acting out her role as tonight's dinner, Jessica asked, "Since I'm the main course for today's luau, do you think I'll make a good piggy?"
    Mac looked at Jessica and replied very reassuringly, "My dear, you are going to be absolutely scrumptious."

    Jessica smiled shyly at his response. No one had ever referred to her as scrumptious before. She liked the way it sounded, as if she was really good enough to eat.

    Jessica had one more question for her chef and asked, "I'd like to make a request, but I'm a little embarrassed to ask because it sounds silly. When I'm 'roasting' on the rotisserie, do you think you could put an apple in my mouth? I've seen this before in cartoons and movies and such. I think it would make the fantasy seem even more realistic."

    Mac was so pleased to hear this request. Cooking Jessica was going even better than he had planned.

    Mac happily replied sincerely, "You have nothing to be embarrassed about my dear. I'll let you in on a little secret. You'd be amazed how many of my dinner guests ask for the same request. The apple in the mouth is a very traditional part of the cannibal fantasy. Many people feel that the fantasy wouldn't be complete without it."

    She was so pleased to hear this. The conversation with Mac was making Jessica become more and more comfortable with her newly discovered desire. She couldn't wait for the next step in her dinner preparations.

    Neither could Mac.

    He continued rolling the serving cart until they came to the entrance of a very large room. As the cart entered the room, Jessica raised her head and realized that she was now in an enormous kitchen --- creatively decorated with plants and native decor to maintain the jungle theme.

    The kitchen itself was huge and equipped with the largest cooking appliances Jessica had ever seen. The first thing that caught her eye was a big black cauldron placed over a small fire. Jessica quickly noted that this pot was definitely large enough for her to fit inside.

    She suddenly thought of the cartoons she watched as a kid. Whenever cannibals were featured in the storyline, the traditional pot was always there. She thought it was cute the way the character would sit in the pot, still wearing their safari hat, while the cannibals danced around their soon to be dinner.

    She had always wondered if pots where actually made that size. Now her wondering was over.

    Then Jessica noticed the smell of something delicious simmering within the oversized cauldron. The scent of the warm contents filled the air with the most delicious aroma.

    She thought to herself, "That must be my marinade. Wow, it smells so delicious that I could swear that it was real. This fantasy is going to be even more realistic than Wendy led me to believe."

    Then Jessica noticed Mac's oven. It was absolutely enormous. From what she could tell, there was enough room within this enormous cooking appliance for her to fit inside quite comfortably --- in practically any position.

    As she stared in awe at the sheer size of the giant chrome oven, she pondered, "Hum, if I was going to be cooked by cannibals, I wonder which roasting position I would choose?"

    Being an avid cartoon watcher, Jessica was somewhat familiar with two very traditional cooking positions --- the turkey position and the piggy position. Although familiar with the actually positions themselves, Jessica had no idea that these poses actually had names associated to them.

    Jessica could easily imagine herself being captured by a hungry cannibal, proudly carried back to the kitchen like a freshly caught prize deer, promptly placed within a giant black metal roasting pan, and about to be positioned in the turkey pose.

    She envisioned herself being placed upon her back and then securely bound into the position by her ankles and her wrists. She could picture her feet being bound together by her ankles, with her bent legs positioned just above her hips and her knees spread widely apart. Then her wrists would be placed between her legs and bound to her ankles --- thus resembling a trussed Thanksgiving turkey ready for the oven.

    The more she thought about it, the more Jessica realized that she really liked this pose because of the way it would elegantly display all of her most luscious portions. She knew without a doubt that she would make an exquisite Thanksgiving dinner for any cannibal.

    Then, just for the hell of it, Jessica began to imagine herself being positioned in the piggy pose --- a la Bugs Bunny.

    She envisioned herself being placed down upon her belly within the giant roasting pan, with her knees bent and her thighs appropriately positioned tightly along the sides of her upper torso. With her upper body lowered onto the bottom of the roasting pan, and her arms extended forward, her chin would then be comfortably placed upon her hands. Once in this position, a small red apple would then be stuffed into her mouth --- thus resembling a delicious suckling pig.

    Thanks to many cartoons, Jessica was very familiar with this position and knew that having an apple in her mouth was essential for this pose --- most probably to keep the 'dinner' quiet during the actual feast.

    Being served like this, Jessica believed that she would make a scrumptious centerpiece at any cannibal luau. She then had second thoughts about her original serving preference. Both poses certainly had their strong points.

    Suddenly, poor Jessica just couldn't decide which of these platter positions were better suited for her. She then took a mental note that during her next 'cannibal fantasy' she wanted to be slow oven roasted and eventually try both positions to see which she preferred.

    As she cleared her mind of this new, and erotic, thoughts for a moment, Jessica suddenly noticed the largest BBQ grill and rotisserie she had ever seen.

    The BBQ itself had to be at least seven feet long. Attached to this giant BBQ was a metal rotisserie of the same length, positioned about three feet above the center of the grill. The rotisserie was basically a long metal bar with several shorter metal bars positioned perpendicularly along the spit to help bind the meat into the desired position.

    To Jessica, this enormous piece of cooking equipment was absolutely astounding. It was exactly what she had been waiting for.

    Seeing this giant rotisserie for the first time gave her a feeling of such excitement that it almost overwhelmed her. She couldn't wait to take it out for a 'spin'.

    She immediately imagined herself bound to the rotisserie, lying on her back with her arms and legs completely stretched out. She wondered how incredible it would feel to be turned slowly over the hot BBQ with an apple in her mouth.

    She could clearly imagine Mac standing right next to her, with a bowl of seasoning and a small brush, lathering her in sauce as she slowly rotated over the hot coals.

    "It's a good thing Mac is not a real cannibal.", Jessica thought to herself, because she knew that she was definitely going to look good enough to eat as she roasted over that hot grill.

    Jessica had never imagined that there could be so many ways to cook a person. She couldn't wait to come back and try every possible cooking scenario.

    Then Jessica noticed that in the center of the room there was an enormous kitchen counter made of light brown wood. Like the BBQ, this counter had to be almost eight feet long.

    "Plenty of room for meat on that counter.", Jessica thought to herself.

    She giggled, knowing very well that she was going to be the 'meat' lying on that counter for her seasoning…uh, massage.

    This equipment was so incredible that Jessica had to ask Mac where he found such large cooking appliances.

    Mac enjoyed her curiosity and gladly explained to her how he got the equipment and started catering to the cannibal fantasy theme.

    "Believe it or not, this equipment was not very expensive at all. In fact, it was only a fraction of the cost of real spa equipment. My first goal was to open a regular spa, but when I realized the cost of the equipment, like whirlpools, saunas, and tanning beds, I knew that my dream was well beyond my budget. One day I decided to try my luck at a local auction to see if I could get anything at a reasonable price. As expected, no spa equipment was available at that time. However, an industrial kitchen equipment manufacturer had gone bankrupt. They needed to sell off their oversized cooking equipment inventory. As I sat there, I realized that this equipment could be modified and used safely as spa equipment. I bought everything they had and it cost less than buying one full body tanning bed. As I began to design my spa, my original plan was to make the cooking appliances resemble regular spa equipment. Then one day over the Internet, I discovered this wonderful little fetish where people fantasize about being prepared, cooked and served as food. After realizing that there were very little services to satisfy this desire, I decided to cater to this market. I left the cooking equipment as it was and started this cannibal themed spa with little effort and much success."

    Mac concluded by saying, "But enough chit chat. It's time to start preparing you for dinner. The marinade is ready for you."

    Jessica couldn't wait to be submerged in the delicious smelling liquid.

    CANNIBAL SPA (Part 6: Marinating)

    Jessica was completely astounded by Mac's cooking equipment.

    "I cannot believe the incredible job you've done to this place. Your cooking equipment is amazing. This is exactly the way I pictured what a cannibal kitchen would look like. All you're missing is a grass skirt and a bone through your nose. You've truly captured the essence of the cannibal fantasy."

    Then, slightly flirting, she winked and said, "My compliments to the chef."

    Mac smiled with pride at her compliments. He was very proud of his collection of woman sized cooking appliances. Her contentment also brought him great pleasure, secretly knowing just how intimately Jessica was going to be acquainted with his rotisserie. Mac knew without a doubt that she was going to make an exquisite luau for dinner that evening.

    Mac then replied, "Thank you. But don't compliment your chef just yet. I haven't even started preparing you for dinner. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience".

    Jessica smiled and almost purred with excitement knowing that her dinner preparations were about to begin.

    After Mac finished tying Jessica's long blond hair into a ponytail he began to push the serving cart towards the cauldron. Jessica was still amazed by the sheer size of the black pot. It was so big and round that she knew she was going to fit inside quite comfortably. In fact, it was probably bigger than her bathtub at home, not quite as long but definitely much deeper.

    Jessica then said to Mac in a cute tone, "So, I guess it's time for my HOT bath. By the way, do I get to wear a safari hat while I simmer? You know, like the one women safari explorers wear in the movies."

    Mac laughed and said, "My, what an amazing imagination you have. You have this fantasy all planed out already, don't you."

    Jessica blushed. "Well, I've seen a few cannibal scenarios in cartoons, TV shows and movies. They usually have the same theme. You know, a young beautiful woman sitting in a pot, wearing a pair of short shorts, a ripped tank top and a safari hat. Funny, it always bugged me when the woman being cooked was wearing clothes. Like in the movie 'King Solomon's Mines' when the cannibals put Sharon Stone in the cooking pot fully clothed. How silly and disappointing. What cannibal in their right mind would cook a woman fully dressed. I also remember one time on the show 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch', Sabrina was being cooked in a pot wearing a complete suit. Damn television for censoring nudity. Well anyway, in my fantasy I won't be wearing any clothes when I'm cooked, just like a good dinner should. But I do like the idea of the safari hat. I think it will enhance the fantasy of being captured by cannibals in the jungle. I also think I'll look pretty cute wearing it while sitting in the pot."

    Mac laughed hysterically and replied, "Wow, you really know your stuff. I'll see what I can do about the safari hat. I wouldn't want to disappoint my dinner."

    Mac then lifted the lid from the cauldron and a light steam slowly rose into the air. The scent from the warm contents filled the room with the most delicious aroma.

    Curiously, Jessica sat up on the serving cart to look inside the pot. The cauldron was filled with a clear liquid that seemed to be heavily seasoned with herbs and different types of chopped vegetables.

    Jessica commented excitedly, "Wow, it smells so delicious that I could swear that it was real marinade."

    Mac replied, "Well, in a way it is real. I'm using a mixture of several edible herbs that help release muscle tension. They also have the added bonus of smelling wonderfully delicious when heated to a warm temperature."

    Then Mac winked at Jessica and whispered, "The vegetables do not have any therapeutic qualities. I just added them for show to enhance the cannibal fantasy. So, not only will this warm herbal marinate relieve your muscle tension, but it also smells and tastes great."

    Jessica looked at Mac and said, "If I didn't know better, I'd swear that you were really going to cook me for supper."

    Mac grinned cunningly and replied, "Well, it is all part of the realistic fantasy my dear. Besides, the temperature of the marinade is not nearly hot enough to actually cook you."

    Mac then grabbed a small spoon, gave it to Jessica and asked, "Care for a taste of things to come?"

    Jessica anxiously tasted the contents of the cauldron which would soon be used to marinate her. She was amazed how divine it tasted. Plus it was not too hot, just as Mac had promised. It was a perfect temperature to soften her tense muscles.

    After tasting the marinade Jessica commented, "Well, it's pretty good. But it seems to be missing something. I'm not sure what. It just needs a little something extra to add some more flavor to it."

    This comment really surprised Mac. He felt great pride towards his femme cuisine culinary skills. His unexpected dinner guests usually raved about the wonderful flavor of his seasonings, marinades and garnishes.

    Slightly disappointed, Mac looked at Jessica with a bewildered expression and asked, "Really? What do you think it is missing?"

    Jessica replied very proudly, "Why me, silly."

    Mac laughed hysterically and replied, "D'oh. How silly of me. Of course you'd improve the flavor."

    Once the laughing had stopped, Mac asked Jessica, "Now I have an important question to ask you. In keeping with the captured by cannibals theme, would you like to be tied up before I place you in the pot."

    Jessica thought about it for a moment. She had never let someone tie her up before. The idea was very exciting, but also scary at the same time.

    After giving it some thought she said, "Well, if I had REALLY been caught by a cannibal who intended to cook me for his supper, then I suppose he would have to tie me up. So, to keep the fantasy as realistic as possible, I guess I should be tied. But please don't tie me up too tightly."

    Mac smiled sweetly and replied, "Don't worry. I'll use a special material to bind you. It won't feel uncomfortable at all."

    Mac quickly returned with some rope, which was shaped exactly like Christmas ribbon and made out of very soft material. He then politely guided Jessica to lie down completely straight on the serving cart. While humming a happy tune, Mac proceeded to delicately bind her ankles and her wrists.

    Jessica thought that his humming as he tied her was so adorable. It reminded Jessica of cartoons when one character was happily getting ready to start preparing another character for supper.

    She felt giddy with excitement.

    Seeing that Jessica was now properly tied and eager to start, Mac delicately picked up his beautiful naked "dinner guest" in his arms and gently submerged her into the pot.

    After being slowly lowered into the marinade, Jessica realized that the cauldron was a very good size for her as she positioned herself more comfortably. There was a surprising amount of legroom in the pot. She could almost straighten her legs out completely, requiring just a little bent at the knee.

    Jessica then leaned back comfortably onto the side of the cauldron so that she was now submerged up to her neck in the warm marinade. She then noticed that Mac had kindly placed a small cushion on the rim of the pot so that she could rest her head. She fit inside just perfectly.

    As the warm marinade embraced her naked body, Jessica sighed with relief.

    The cauldron was simmering at the perfect temperature. She could already feel her stress melting away. For the first time in months, she wasn't worrying about work or school. J

    Jessica then said in a relaxed voice, "Wow, this feels amazing and I smell so delicious. You know, I think I'd make a pretty good Jessica soup. What do you think?"

    Mac chuckled and said sincerely, "I have no doubt that you would make a splendid Jessica soup --- absolutely perfect on a cold winter's night. However, a woman of such excellent quality and beauty, such as yourself, deserves to be prepared in a more fitting manner. Only a rotisserie would be truly worthy of cooking you. It is the only cooking technique that would allow your privileged chef the honor of gazing upon, and admiring, your gorgeous physique as you slowly rotate and roast to perfection over an open grill."

    Jessica blushed and said, "Wow. That's the nicest compliment I've ever heard. For a cannibal chef, you really know how to flatter a woman."

    Mac replied with a wink, "Well, a flattered woman tastes much better."

    He then told Jessica that while she was marinating, he had to prepare some of the other ingredience for her "dinner preparations".

    Jessica playfully complained, "What? You're leaving me. You're not going to dance around me with a grass skirt and a spear?"

    Mac happily replied, "Well, in the movies, the woman is usually cooked by a tribe of cannibals. There are many people helping to prepare the feast. Some do the cooking, some prepare the garnish and seasoning, and some dance around the cauldron. However, for this fantasy, there is only one cannibal to do all of these cooking tasks. But, to make it up to you, I do have a little something to cheer you up."

    As Jessica looked up, she watched Mac walk towards the cauldron and jokingly place a safari hat on her head.

    Jessica laughed with delight and shouted, "Oh my God. This is so perfect. Now I really feel like a woman who has been caught in the jungle on safari."
    Mac then said, "Now you be a good dinner. Just sit back and marinate while I finish preparing your seasoning for the next step in your dinner preparations."

    Jessica really liked the sound of that and agreed to let Mac attend to his other cannibal duties. As she lay there, comfortably simmering in the pot, the marinating treatment felt almost orgasmic. She had actually paid lots of money for other spas which didn't feel as good as this.

    Jessica then just tilted her head back, pulled her pith helmet over her eyes, and let the marinade work its magic.

    Mac then happily set the timer for an hour and headed to his large kitchen counter to prepare Jessica's seasoning.

    CANNIBAL SPA (Part 7: Seasoning)

    When the timer alarm went off Jessica couldn't believe that she had already been marinating for an hour.

    Mac walked up to the cauldron, pushing the large serving cart and asked Jessica how she was feeling.

    Jessica replied in a very relaxed tone, "Wow, time sure flies when you're being marinated. I'm so relaxed that I could hardly even move. I actually feel like I've been tenderized."

    Mac had to try very hard to refrain from salivating. If she found out his true intensions now, the rest of the dinner preparations would be much more difficult.

    For some strange reason, his "dinner guests" tended to get somewhat upset when they finally discovered that they were actually appearing on the evening menu as the main course. He could never figure out why.

    Mac much preferred it when they discovered the shocking truth after they had been securely bound, or even better, after they have being cooking along so very calmly and peacefully for quite some time. Then, by that point, there was not much else they could do but relax, continue roasting, and hope that they turn out scrumptiously.

    Knowing Jessica was ready for the next step in her preparations, Mac reached into the cauldron and carefully pulled Jessica out of the marinade.

    As he held her wet naked body tightly in his arms, he could easily tell just how tender and supple she truly was. Mac was extremely pleased with the results of the marinade --- and not to mention Jessica's succulently meaty body.

    He would have loved to test Jessica's body for tenderness by squeezing her all over her thighs, loin and breasts, but he wanted to play it safe and act like a professional masseuse. Besides, he would have plenty of opportunity to test Jessica all over as he thoroughly seasoned her beautiful body.

    Still bound and wearing her safari hat, Jessica was placed on the serving tray and wheeled toward the kitchen counter. As Jessica lay peacefully on the tray and rolled to her next destination, both Mac and Jessica realized just how incredibly delicious she smelled.

    Jessica couldn't wait for the next stage of her preparations.

    Neither could Mac.

    Luckily, her ride on the serving tray was a short one. Once they had reached the kitchen counter, Mac delicately picked Jessica up in his arms and gently her set on the kitchen counter.

    Jessica almost melted in his strong grip. She just adored how easily and delicately Mac carried her around tightly against his well formed chest. It felt so wonderfully enticing to have such a big strong man carry her around so affectionately --- and handle her as if she was as light as a feather.

    In fact, Jessica was beginning to find him very attractive.

    Why not? Mac was handsome, well built, polite, plus he knew how to cook. Jessica soon began to wonder if Mac was single and considered if she should to ask him out on a date. He definitely seemed to find her attractive and he definitely liked her sense of humor.

    However, Jessica decided that it would be best to wait until her preparations were over, just in case it made him feel uncomfortable. She didn't want anything to interfere with her cannibal fantasy. Besides, if things worked out, she could have Mac prepare her for dinner whenever she desired --- which would be very often.

    While Jessica's head was filled with romantic thoughts of Mac, he began to unbind her wrists and ankles. He wanted her limbs to be completely mobile as he seasoned every inch of her thoroughly.

    Then, very affectionately, Mac placed his hand on Jessica's shoulder blade and gently guided her into position to begin her seasoning. She soon found herself lying down comfortably on her back --- with her legs fully extended along the counter and her arms placed along her sides.

    As she lay before him, beautifully exposed and perfectly relaxed and at ease, Mac could not resist the urge to admire her gorgeously well toned and deliciously marinated body --- but only for a second. He needed to maintain his professional image and not appear to be too interested --- or too hungry.

    But resisting this breathtakingly beautiful woman was so incredibly difficult. Her body was just so beautifully well muscled, yet sensually curvaceous and shapely. She was going to make such a succulent feast.

    Mac then told Jessica, "So my dear, are you ready to be seasoned for supper?"

    Jessica replied very eagerly, "Oh yes my chef."

    Just as Mac was about to begin Jessica cried, "Wait. You didn't tell me what type of seasoning you are using. A woman likes to know these things."

    Mac really enjoyed preparing Jessica. She was really into this fantasy which made preparing her even more desirable. It was so cute the way she wanted to know every detail. He couldn't wait to see her reaction once she realized that she was really being prepared for dinner.

    Mac cheerfully replied, "Aren't you just a curious little morsel. Well, for you I've made a special blend of seasoning which does three things. Firstly, I added a touch of peppermint and eucalyptus to relax your muscles and make your skin tingle and feel refreshed. Then secondly, I mixed it with some coconut oil to make you turn deliciously golden brown as you slowly rotate on the rotisserie. And thirdly, the remaining herbs were added to make you smell even more delicious as you slowly roast over the hot grill."

    Jessica was in awe. This fantasy was becoming better with each passing minute.

    She replied with great content, "That sounds absolutely divine. You truly are a master cannibal chef. I'm ready to begin my seasoning."

    With a huge grin, Mac replied, "As you wish", and without further ado, he began Jessica's seasoning by slowly running his hands across the front of her supple body.

    Mac was a perfectionist in the art of femme cuisine --- so he truly preferred, and enjoyed, becoming intimately familiar with every curve and contour of his main course before beginning to apply any seasoning. It was kind of like mapping out an area before exploring the terrain.

    Jessica swooned discretely as his sensual warm touch made her tingle and quiver with delight. She desperately tried to refrain herself from moaning out loud in sheer ecstasy. She had become so instantly aroused that she actually had to fight her uncontrollable urge to orgasm. She really didn't want that to happen and give Mac the false impression that she was easy --- at least not during her first visit with him.

    However, if things worked out as she desired, she knew that she would have plenty of hard, satisfying orgasms with Mac during her future dinner preparations. So, for the moment, she held back those sexual urges. Besides, she knew that she could take matters into her own hands later that evening.

    Unknown to Jessica, during her massage Mac was secretly inspecting the quality of her meat. As he skillfully examined every inch of her exquisite body, Mac was extremely delighted with his magnificent unsuspecting feast.

    Jessica's years of weight training and aerobics had resulted in creating a beautifully well toned body with high quality muscle. Additionally, her vigorous swimming regime also allowed her to maintain a very healthy amount of overall body fat in all the right places --- necessary for all professional divers, like marine biologists, to provide insulation and buoyancy.

    Luckily for Mac, this also helped to maintain Jessica's shapely feminine physique.

    As a result, this overall training regiment helped Jessica build her well toned figure while beautifully maintaining her full supple breasts and shapely curves --- producing well marbled high quality meat.

    Just by touching her body, Mac instantly knew that Jessica was going to be an absolutely succulent main course that evening. He just couldn't wait to start roasting her on his spit.

    As her discrete inspection continued, Jessica was in ecstasy --- remaining blissfully unaware of Mac's true intensions. His hands were like magic, Jessica thought to herself as his palms glided gracefully over each and every perfect curve.

    She still had no idea that she was really being prepared for the evening luau.

    Once Mac finished his inspection, he then dipped his hand into the seasoning began to lather Jessica all over her body. He began by gently lifting Jessica's right thigh and thoroughly rubbing the seasoning all over her leg.

    As he slowly lathered her smooth skin, Mac truly appreciated her well toned thigh and calf. They were just exquisite. He could easily tell that Jessica was a woman who took excellent care of herself --- and he would reap the benefits of her years of hard work.

    As the seasoning spread across her thighs it made her skin tingle all over, creating the most erotic sensation.

    Jessica's mouth opened in sheer delight and a slight moaning sound uncontrollably escaped past her lips. Mac could tell just how much his soon to be dinner was enjoying her preparations.

    When he finished, Mac continued to season Jessica's other thigh with exactly the same enthusiasm.

    Jessica was in absolute heaven, moaning slightly and breathing more and more heavily. It was becoming very difficult fir her to contain her passionate screams. After thoroughly seasoning her legs, Mac happily proceeded to her finely shaped midsection, using extreme caution.

    Instinctually, Mac would normally proceed straight for her loins, lathering her vagina vigorously with seasoning to help stimulate the nature lubrication necessary for vaginal stuffing.

    However, he had to maintain his professional appearance and avoid touching her private areas for the moment. He remained extremely patient, knowing that he would get back to lathering her succulent loins once she had been properly bound to the spit.

    After sensually lathering her torso, Mac delicately proceeded to her supple breasts. He touched them lightly, checking to see Jessica's reaction.

    Her mouth parted ever so slightly as she moistened her lips erotically, showing no objections to being touched there.

    Mac then eagerly proceeded to lather her full well rounded breasts.

    As his fingertips delicately spread the seasoning all along her sensitive flesh, Jessica's small pink nipples grow hard with excitement. There was no way she could hide her pleasure any longer, so she just cleared her mind and allowed her body give into complete ecstasy.

    Mac enjoyed every moan she made as the message continued on for at least an hour.

    When he was done, there lay Jessica, very satisfied and thoroughly seasoned from head to toe.

    Mac looked at her glistening, thoroughly seasoned body with delight and smiled. She was deliciously exquisite and she hadn't even been cooked yet.

    It took all of his efforts not to sample a little taste of her, but he didn't want to make her suspicious about his true intensions. Discovering little details, like realizing that your masseuse is really a cannibal chef preparing you for dinner, can really put a damper on the remaining preparations.

    He then looked at Jessica. She had a satisfying smile on her face from ear to ear.

    Then, with much pleasure Mac said to her, "Well, now you're all seasoned and ready to start roasting. It's time to get you on the rotisserie."

    Jessica's smile grew even bigger with delight.

    CANNIBAL SPA (Part 8: Binding to the Rotisserie)

    Up until now, Jessica's dinner preparations had been going extremely well.

    Not only was she a woman of exquisite quality, but she still didn't even suspect that Mac was going to cook her for dinner that evening. Her sweet innocence toward the situation and her desire to fulfill her cannibal fantasy had made Jessica deliciously wonderful to prepare for dinner.

    Mac just couldn't wait to bind her securely onto his rotisserie. Once Jessica was properly bound, he knew that there was no way she could escape. Then he could leisurely continue with the more "intimate" dinner preparations with very little resistance from Jessica.

    Mac wouldn't dare start stuffing any main course before they were properly bound. His "dinner guests" usually figured out what was going on as they were being vaginally stuffed with delicious ingredients.

    Unfortunately, it was next to impossible to hide his true intensions once the first handful of stuffing had been inserted. He could never come up with a believable enough reason for stuffing his "guest" with wild rice and mushrooms that was spa related.

    Then, for some strange reason, his "dinner guests" tended to get a little upset once they learned that they were really being cooked, and sadly, many of them quickly changed their minds about staying for dinner.

    Fortunately, usually by the time they discovered the truth, it was much too late for them to escape. By that point, Mac usually had them tightly bound and already well on their way to roasting to succulent perfection. Since leaving at this point was simply out of the question, not to mention very rude, Mac kindly insisted that they had no other alternative but to stay for dinner.

    Alas, the only thing his "guests" could do was kick themselves for being so gullible, accept the inevitable fact that they were going to be his dinner, and hope that they turn out deliciously.

    Mac knew that is only a matter of time before Jessica figured out that she was going to be the suckling piggy for the evening's luau. However, he didn't want her to discover this fact until she was safely secured onto the spit and slowly roasting over the fire.

    Mac left Jessica for a moment, and quickly returned carrying a long shiny metal pole. It was the spit, which Jessica recognized immediately.

    Although she had seen it before, Jessica was still astounded by the length of the rotisserie. It had to be at least seven feet in length, with seven shorter metal bars positioned perpendicularly along the spit to help bind her into the desired position.

    Mac placed the spit lengthwise on the counter, right next to Jessica's well seasoned and marinated body. He then placed his hands on Jessica's side and, with a light push, gently rolled her onto the rotisserie, so that she was lying on her belly.

    Jessica was impressed. She had been ready to position herself on the spit, but Mac always made sure that she never had to move a muscle. She had never experienced customer service like this before in her life.

    Mac then carefully positioned Jessica so that she was evenly balanced on the spit. Her torso was carefully placed along the three center perpendicular bars, which would be used to comfortably support her weight as she rotated over the BBQ.

    Once her body was properly centered on the spit, Mac brought out some more of the thin, soft material that he used to bind her earlier when she was being marinated. He then proceeded to securely bind her torso to the rotisserie.

    He wrapped the material around her body in three places, one directly below her breasts, one across her waist, and the final one across her hips along the hip bone.

    Jessica was in ecstasy as she was tightly bound by her cannibal captor. It was more erotic than she could have ever imagined. As Mac tied her, she remained speechless, not daring to interrupt her skillfully trained chef.

    Once Jessica's torso was properly strapped onto the rotisserie, Mac then gently rolled Jessica onto her back again, so that the spit was now on top of her.

    Jessica watched with admiration and desire as he further continued to bind her limbs. Mac carefully took Jessica's right leg and positioned it so that the back of her knee went over the right side of the perpendicular bar, located below her hips.

    He then proceeded to do the same with her left leg, placing it over the left side of the bar.

    After slightly adjusting the perpendicular bar for Jessica's height, Mac then comfortably bound her upper thighs to the bar. He purposely kept her legs bent and knees apart so that her legs remained slightly spread apart, making her vagina easily accessible for future stuffing.

    Mac then placed her right ankle underneath the last perpendicular bar located near the end of the spit. He then did the same to her left leg.

    After slightly adjusting the bar to accommodate for Jessica's height again, Mac then bound her ankles securely to the spit. Now her beautifully well muscled legs were all curled up, deliciously resembling a suckling pig.

    Mac then took Jessica's arms, which were still lying against her sides, and placed them partially extended over of her head. He then took Jessica's right arm and positioned it so that the back of her elbow went over the right side of the perpendicular bar, located in front of her head.

    He then proceeded to do the same with her left arm, placing it over the left side of the bar. Mac then eagerly bound her upper arms to the bar.

    Finally, Mac then placed her wrists underneath the perpendicular bar closest to the front end of the spit and bound them securely.

    Jessica was now completely bound.

    Mac asked Jessica kindly, "Do you mind testing my binding technique by trying to break free? I want to be sure that you are securely tied, for your safety."

    Jessica happily complied and tried to break free. She was very impressed. Although she was very comfortable, the material was very misleading. She couldn't move an inch even if she tried.

    She then said to Mac jokingly, "Well, I'm definitely not getting out of this bind. It looks like I'll be staying for dinner tonight."

    Mac just grinned at her comment.

    This was the part Mac really enjoyed. He could now relax and let his guard down, since he no longer needed to pretend that this was just a cannibal fantasy.

    It no longer mattered if she discovered that she was really being cooked for dinner. Jessica was now tightly bound and secured from head to toe on the rotisserie. There was no way she could possibly escape being served as the main course at tonight's luau. No matter how much she struggled, protested or pleaded, she wasn't going anywhere, except over a nice warm fire for a long, slow spin.

    Knowing that Jessica was now ready to roast, Mac excused himself for a moment to check if the BBQ grill had reached the proper temperature.

    Jessica pleaded playfully, "You'd better hurry Mr. Chef. Your dinner is getting cold."

    As she waited for him to return, Jessica was very impressed with Mac's binding technique. She thought it was so amazing to actually feel what it was like to be strapped onto a spit and about to be cooked.

    Now she knew how the pig felt at a luau, and was very content.

    Jessica felt an inexplicably strange, yet wonderful sense of satisfaction about being the guest of honor for this cannibal fantasy. Mac actually made her feel as if no one else in the world mattered except her --- and that she was absolutely exquisite.

    If she didn't know any better, she could almost swear that he was really going to cook her. She also couldn't believe how comfortably she was bound to the rotisserie. Her bindings were all set in the proper places, not too tight to be uncomfortable, and yet, bound securely. Mac truly was a master fantasy cannibal chef, she though to herself.

    Mac soon returned and, to her delight, he carefully picked her up into his arms and started to bring her towards the BBQ.

    Jessica absolutely adored the helpless feeling she felt as he carried her towards the hot glowing grill --- tightly bound on the spit just like a yummy little suckling pig ready for the roast. She felt like she was his.

    In her fantasy, he had caught her, and willing or not, she was going to be his dinner. God, she just loved how much this fantasy was turning her on. She almost wished that he would actually eat her right then and there.

    Once again, she felt the overpowering urge to orgasm, but was able to fight it off reluctantly. Wanting to climax so badly by this point, Jessica thought to herself, "Damn, why did I have to be a woman with morals? He'd better say yes when I ask him out later."

    At the same time, Mac was also fighting off his own desires --- but only for the moment. Jessica's sweet shapely body looked so succulent and tender while helplessly bound to the spit that he could barely control himself.

    As he carried her tightly in his arms, every inch of Jessica's naked body was perfectly exposed for feasting. Her gorgeously seasoned figure combined with the luscious aroma of her well marinated body made her simply irresistible. She looked and smelled so good that he actually consider eating her raw.

    However, Mac preferred to attach the rotisserie on the grill before revealing his true intensions in order to avoid any problems due to excessive struggling. He knew from many years of cooking experience that it was much easier this way. Besides, it was kind of fun waiting and see just how much longer it would take Jessica to realize what was really happening.

    As they approached the BBQ, Mac kindly informed her, "Well Jessica, the grill has now reached the perfect temperature. I'm ready to start slow roasting you my dear. I hope you're ready."

    Jessica then suddenly realized something and said, "Wait, I'm not ready yet. I think you're forgetting something. What about the apple for my mouth?".
    Mac laughed enjoyably at her request as he replied, "Of course I haven't forgotten about the apple. I promise to stuff one in your mouth once I know that the temperature of the grill is comfortable for you".

    Jessica had no objections. Besides she couldn't wait to take a 'spin' on the Bar-Bee.

    Mac then proceeded to attach the end points of the rotisserie to the giant BBQ. Once they were in place and made their familiar clicking sound, Mac then closed the seal, attaching spit to the rotisserie motor.

    Jessica was then positioned with her stomach facing the grill, about three feet above the center of the BBQ. The heat from the gas powered grill embraced her immediately. Small droplets of seasoning sizzled on the grill as they dripped from Jessica's heavenly body.

    She absolutely loved it.

    The BBQ had indeed been set to the perfect temperature. Not only was the heat going to relieve her stress, but she was going to get one hell of a tan as well.

    Mac the asked kindly, "So, are you comfortable?"

    Jessica quickly replied, "Oh yes my chef. Now could you please stuff the apple into my mouth and start rotating me. You wouldn't want me to be late for dinner, now would you?"

    Mac then happily replied, "As you wish."

    Mac really enjoyed this part of the dinner preparations. Trying hard to conceal his overwhelming joy, Mac picked up a small red apple and placed it in front of Jessica's mouth.

    Jessica had been waiting eagerly for this moment. For some reason, having an apple stuffed in her mouth just seemed so inviting, like presents someone special with a personal invitation to eat her --- making the fantasy feel even more realistic.

    Smiling graciously, Mac then politely asked Jessica to "Open wide."

    Jessica then submissively opened her mouth as wide as she could and jokingly said "Ahhhh"

    With her mouth now wide open and ready to accept his offering, Mac then carefully stuffed the small apple into Jessica's mouth. Once it was all the way in, he made her bite down on the apple and then seal her lips around it to hold it in place.

    It fit perfectly.

    With the apple properly stuffed within her mouth, Jessica really began to appreciate her role as the evening's main course.

    Mac then turned on the rotisserie motor and Jessica began to slowly rotate over the hot grill.

    CANNIBAL SPA (Part 9: Jessica Discovers the Truth)

    Jessica was in a state of bliss as she began to slowly turn over the hot flames. She could already feel the heat sensually warming her thoroughly seasoned body with each rotation.

    Thanks to the coconut oil lathered all over her body, Jessica was fully confident that she was going to roast to a beautiful shade of golden brown, just like a deep basted turkey on Thanksgiving.

    With this deliciously wonderful thought in mind, she managed to produce a smile of great satisfaction, even with the apple stuffed tightly in her mouth.

    Mac immediately noticed her smile and said to her, "It looks as if I have a very satisfied customer."

    Jessica replied with the most erotic, "Uh-Huh" she could make. She then realized that it was somewhat difficult to flirt with her chef while she had an apple stuffed in her mouth, and giggled lightly at her humorous attempt.

    As the first few moments passed, Jessica continued to rotate perfectly at a comfortable pace. The rotisserie wasn't turning fast enough to make her dizzy, nor slow enough to make the fire below feel uncomfortable on her naked skin.

    Curiously, Jessica took the time to calculate one complete rotation. Starting with her back positioned over the fire, she began to count the seconds in her head. By the time she was back in the same position, 40 seconds had passed. Rotating at her current speed, the fire seemed to be cooking her deliciously seasoned body evenly and at an extremely pleasant rate.

    The spit turned constantly and smoothly, without ever jamming or changing speed, even as her body weight shifted during each rotation. Jessica could tell that the spit was well built and that Mac took very good care of his equipment. With a giggle, she imagined how spotless his oven would be. She then made a mental note to find out just how clean it was during her next visit.

    Jessica had never dreamed that she could reach such pure erotic pleasure. For years she had kept her yearning fantasy a dark secret. No one could possibly understand, or share, her unusual desire to be prepared, cooked and served for dinner.

    However, after years of suppressing her cannibal fantasy, her most secretly guarded desired was actually being fulfilled. After a full afternoon of arousing dinner preparations, she had finally begun her eagerly awaited slow roast on the spit.

    Her urge to climax grew uncontrollably as she moaned heavily through the apple in her mouth. Jessica was so relieved that the apple was stuffed in her mouth to muffle her cries.
    Although she tried to conceal her orgasm, Mac could hear her delightful moans very clearly. He was very flattered that he could bring Jessica so much pleasure, but he knew it was now time to let her in on his little secret. Mac couldn't wait to see the expression on her face once she realizes that she really is being cooked for dinner. With a huge grin on his face, Mac went to the kitchen counter for more cooking supplies.

    Jessica delicately moaned with each slow rotation as she turned over the fire. Sweet droplets of sweat were beginning to form all over her succulent body.

    As she rotated, Jessica just couldn't believe just how realistic this fantasy had become. She really felt like she was being barbequed. The apple stuffed in her mouth to keep her from speaking was the perfect touch to the fantasy.

    In Jessica's mind, she was fairly certain that cannibals usually stuffed an apple in their 'dinner guests' mouth mainly just to keep them from complaining the entire time.

    "I wouldn't want to hear my dinner complaining that it's too hot or giving me cooking suggestions as I prepared them.", Jessica thought to herself amusingly.

    Besides, the apple truly was also the perfect garnish. It made her feel like she really was a succulent little piggy being roasted for the evening feast. Jessica swooned with delight at that very thought.

    As she looked to the side, she noticed Mac walking towards her with some more ingredients for her cooking preparations. Jessica knew that this fantasy just couldn't get any better.

    She did, however, start to notice that she was getting rather hot. She hoped that Mac would remedy the situation by basting her with a nice cool lathering of seasoning.

    As Mac approached Jessica, he set the ingredients aside and took a moment to admire her beautifully glistening wet body.

    "She looks so absolutely delicious that I could eat her right now", Mac thought to himself.

    Although Jessica had not been cooking very long, her silky smooth skin was already turning a beautiful shade of light golden brown. Droplets of sweat now visibly dripped off every inch of her darkening skin.

    Mac had to hold back his incredible urge to immediately devour his gorgeous main course. He knew from experience that with a little patience, she will taste even better once she has been cooked to perfection.

    Jessica noticed her chef starting at her hungrily, and began to blush.

    "Boy, it's kind of hard to hide the fact that you're blushing when you're naked and bound to a spit", Jessica thought to herself.

    She could tell by the look in his eyes that her chef approved of what he saw. Again, she felt like she was a delicious little prize piggy, proudly being slow roasted just for him.

    Now overwhelmed with the fulfillment of her fantasy, Jessica and began to climax again, but this time there was no holding herself back.

    Then, to Jessica's surprise, Mac placed his finger on her upper back, slowly slid it down across her back, all the way to her shapely rump…and tasted her.

    Mac then closed his eyes and savored her sweet succulent flavor. It was like heaven. He couldn't believe how exquisitely she tasted. Jessica was one of the most delicious women he had ever had the pleasure of preparing for dinner. He then gently rubbed his finger from her breast down to her loins and savored her euphoric flavor again. She was absolutely divine.

    Jessica couldn't believe what was happening. Did Mac actually taste her? Suddenly her erotic fantasy was becoming a little TOO realistic for her liking.

    Although very erotic, something just didn't feel right. Jessica then mumbled "Hummmm", through the apple stuffed in her mouth.

    Mac looked at her smiling and said, "Well Jessica, I can tell by the satisfied look on your face that you've been enjoying yourself. Helping you fulfill your fantasy has been very pleasurable for myself as well. But now I must let you in on a little secret. I'm a little sad to say that you won't be making your appointment this afternoon. You have another appointment which you must attend. Tonight you are cordially invited to a dinner party, and I insist that you attend…as the main course. You are going to be absolutely scrumptious served as my dinner tonight."

    Mac then produced a BBQ fork and began gently poking Jessica all over to test her juicy succulent meat.

    Jessica's eyes grew large with shock as the realization of what was really happening suddenly became all too clear.

    Jessica finally realized that she was actually being cooked for real. She began to wiggle and struggle on the spit to free herself, but she was bound much too tightly to escape.

    Happily humming a cheerful tune, Mac eagerly continued to poke his delicious long-pig very gently all over her exquisitely delicious body --- trying with great difficulty to decide her best portions. Mac was a pro at doing this. He knew not to poke her hard enough to break her skin, but just enough to test how tender and juicy she had become.

    As she was being poked, Jessica mumbled frantically through the apple stuffed securely in her mouth.

    Now she truly realized the seriousness of her situation. She couldn't speak. She couldn't move. Escape was impossible. The only thing she could do was lay there helplessly and continue roasting up nicely for supper.

    She then envisioned herself being served on a giant platter, all roasted to golden brown perfection and trussed up like a turkey…but this time for real.

    She imagined Mac placing her deliciously garnished body in the center of a decorated table, then sitting down next to her wearing a giant bib, holding a fork and knife, and licking his chops.

    This was crazy. She couldn't believe what was happening. She was going to be tonight's main course and there was nothing she could do about it.

    Although it was probably useless, Jessica continued to struggle and mumble frantically through the apple stuffed in her mouth.

    Jessica wondered to herself how she could be so foolish by allowing herself to become trapped like this. Jessica had always done quite well in school and considered herself to be very smart.

    She thought to herself in complete discontent, "Smart my ass. I practically delivered myself right to his door. I may as well have yelled 'special delivery' when I arrived. And why stop there? I also should have mentioned that I took longer than 30 minutes to arrive and that I was free --- especially since he didn't even pay for his meal. Damn, I must be a complete idiot. I didn't even put up a fight. Hell, I practically tied myself to his bloody rotisserie."

    Jessica was very disappointed with herself, believing that only a complete idiot could be caught by such an obvious trap. She then thought to herself, "A cannibal spa? My God, who would be dumb enough to actually fall for that?"

    And yet she still fell for it.

    She soon began to convince herself that since she had been fooled so easily then perhaps she actually deserved to be cooked and served for his dinner. The more she thought about it, the more she began to convince herself that Mac had really caught her 'fair and square' and that perhaps she should just accept her fate and respect her chef's wishes.

    As she finally came to terms and accepted her situation, Jessica calmed down and stopped struggling.

    Once Mac had finished thoroughly examining Jessica with the BBQ fork, he kindly decided to take the apple out of her mouth to allow his scrumptious morsel to speak her mind.

    Mac actually felt great pleasure from his conversations with his 'dinner guests' once they had realized that they were actually going to be his dinner. He always enjoyed hearing what they had to say about the situation.

    Some women would beg him not to eat them as they lay properly bound and trussed in their roasting pan or spit. Other women would try to convince him that they would taste terrible and give him indigestion. Mac always found that approach very entertaining.

    Some women would even try to bargain with him, claiming that they could provide him with an even more delicious woman to substitute in their place. That was always an interesting proposition, but Mac was never willing to risk letting a scrumptious woman get away for the promise of another. Remember, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Or in Mac's case, a woman in the oven is worth two on the beach.

    But every once in a while, a woman would accept what was happening to her and continue to go along with the preparations. These women saw no point in arguing, begging or complaining about becoming the evening's main course and decided to willingly embrace that situation. They realize that all they could do is hope that they are perfectly prepared as a culinary masterpiece, wonderfully enjoyed, and fondly remembered.

    These were the conversations Mac loved to hear and wondered which category Jessica would fall under.

    Mac stopped the rotisserie for a moment and placed his fingers on the apple in Jessica's mouth. Once Jessica saw this, she realized what he was doing.

    Jessica quickly opened her jaw as wide as she could, allowing Mac to remove the apple from her mouth.

    She had a few things to say to him.

    CANNIBAL SPA (Part 10: The plot Thickens)

    Although Jessica felt that she truly deserved to be cooked due to her gullibility, she decided that if the apple was removed from her mouth that she should at least try to convince Mac not to eat her. It was only natural to beg someone not to eat them for dinner. It would have been crazy for her not to at least try.

    As soon as the apple came out of Jessica's mouth she hollered, "Oh my God. What in the hell are you doing? I can't believe you're doing this. You can't just tie me to a spit and cook me for supper."

    Mac said to her politely, "Now just hold on a second. Let me turn the rotisserie back on before I answer your questions. I don't want you to cook unevenly."

    Before Jessica could protest, Mac turned the switch on and she found herself rotating slowly over the fire again.

    Jessica was becoming greatly concerned as she suddenly realized that she was beginning to smell pretty good. She could actually feel herself becoming more succulently moist and tender with every slow turn over the hot grill.

    "Damn, I smell good. He's never going to let me go." she thought to herself.

    As the spit continued to slowly rotate, Jessica quickly responded, "You know, it's kind of hard to talk to you while I'm spinning around like this."

    Mac laughed and replied, "Believe me, you want to keep spinning. If you remained in the same spot for too long you'd realize just how hot the fire is. This way the heat is distributed evenly along your entire body. You'll find this to be much more comfortable."

    Jessica replied, "Oh, so you'd like me to be comfortable? Oh, that's so sweet of you. Well, then perhaps you could turn the heat OFF!!! That would really help with our little discussion about serving me as tonight's main course."

    Mac laughed hardily at her response. He really loved having these conversations with his dinner. Mac then replied to her in a concerned manner, "Well, I really couldn't do that. You see, judging by the way your scrumptious body is perspiring, you just started to become nice and juicy. Turning off the heat now will cause you to dry out. There's nothing worse than cooking a woman that turns out too dry. It's such a waste --- especially when preparing a high quality woman with a beautiful body like yours."

    Jessica couldn't argue with that logic.

    Then he continued, "But I can help make you a little more comfortable."

    He then quickly gathered a bowl and BBQ brush from a nearby counter and returned saying, "Basting you in my special seasoning should help cool you down a bit --- as well as enhance your wonderfully natural flavor."

    Jessica replied sarcastically, "Oh that's just great. Now I have to try to convince you not to eat me while I spin around AND you baste me. This just keeps getting better and better. You could at least let me believe that I have a small chance of changing your mind about your dinner plans."

    Mac replied, "Well Jessica, I just hate giving my dinner false hopes. This way you'll accept your fate much more quickly and at least enjoy the rest of your dinner preparations. Believe me, you feel better, roast more succulently, and taste even more exquisitely. This way everybody's happy."

    Jessica realized that she wasn't getting off the menu that easily. She then decided that she needed to use a different approach.

    Jessica then replied in a serious tone, "You know, I've been under a lot of stress lately. My muscles and tendons have been very tense for quite a while this semester. I probably won't taste very good and my tough meat may even give you indigestion."

    In response, Mac proceeded to sarcastically poked and squeezed Jessica all over. He playfully squeezed her full well-rounded breasts, scrumptiously toned thighs and her firm shapely rump.

    Jessica uncontrollably giggled at the ticklish sensation caused by Mac's greatly over exaggerated probing.

    Jessica was already well aware of just how impeccably meaty she was and knew that Mac wasn't going to fall for her lame excuse. But at least she was trying she thought to herself.

    Mac laughed and responded, "Nice try Jessica. As if I hadn't heard that one before. Besides, I've been tenderizing you all morning. I've touched and examined every inch of your supple body so I know for a fact that you are a woman of excellent quality. And as for not tasting good…please, even you know that you're going to be absolutely delicious tonight.

    "Well, he's right about that." Jessica thought to herself with a strong sense of pride. She knew that she would taste wonderfully exquisite and would make the perfect main course for any banquet.

    Soon Jessica realized that her current approach was all wrong.

    There was no way she was ever going to convince Mac that she wasn't worth eating. Hell, now she was starting to smell so delicious that she began to wonder if even non-cannibals would consider eating her for dinner.

    Then Jessica had a funny thought involving her friend Wendy.

    Once again, she envisioned herself being served on a giant platter, roasted golden brown, trussed up like a turkey, and traditionally garnished with an apple in her mouth. She then imagined Mac happily placing her in the center of an elegantly decorated table.

    However, once the platter had been properly placed on the table and the feast was about to begin, Jessica suddenly pictured her friend Wendy eagerly sitting down in front of her, wearing a giant bib, holding a fork and knife, and licking her chops.

    Jessica shook her head to help clear this vision. At that moment, Jessica knew that she was in serious trouble if even she could actually picture her close friend wanting to eat her. She knew that if she wanted to avoid being on the evening menu that she would have to change her plan of attack.

    Jessica continued to rotate slowly over the open file as Mac lathered her all over in delicious seasoning.

    Although she wouldn't admit it to Mac, Jessica really enjoyed the cool sensation of being basted. Little droplets of sweat and sauce began to drip downwards, creating the most mouth-watering sizzle as it hit the hot grill.

    "I can't believe that sizzling sound is actually turning me on." Jessica thought to herself.

    She then noticed that her skin was now a slight shade darker than it was just a few moments ago. She was indeed roasting very nicely…a little too nicely for Jessica's concern. Jessica knew that if she truly wished to avoid becoming the centerpiece for this cannibal banquet that she would have to act quickly. Her time was clearly running out.

    Jessica was about to speak when Mac began using the BBQ brush to sensually baste her loins. Instead of words leaving her mouth, Jessica simply let out a few incomprehensible sounds of delight.

    Mac smiled and said, "You see, if you just accept my dinner invitation, lay back and relax, you would find this to be much more pleasurable."

    Jessica didn't respond. She decided to follow Mac's advice, just for the moment, until he stopped basting her loins.

    Knowing that this may very well be one of her last great moments of pleasure, Jessica didn't hold back any of her inhibitions. She moaned loudly and intensely as she became moist with excitement.

    Mac purposely, and generously, continued to thoroughly season her vagina, causing Jessica to orgasm several times.

    Just as she reached another wonderful climax, she then realized that she had stopped spinning. Mac had just turned off the rotisserie, leaving her positioned stomach down over the fire.

    As Jessica gasped for breath from her last orgasm, she looked at Mac and asked, "What's going on?"

    With a huge grin on his face, Mac showed her what he had in his hand as he dangled it in front of her tauntingly.

    Although she already knew the answer to the question, she asked Mac sarcastically, "Now just where do you think you're going to put that peeled banana?"

    Mac replied, "It's a special treat for both you and me. Now that you're nice and moist, I should be able to stuff it inside of you very smooth and easily."

    Jessica didn't feel the need to protest. Tensing up would just make her stuffing more uncomfortable.

    "Besides, what harm can a few more moments of pleasure cause? I'll enjoy my stuffing and then continue trying to convince him not to eat me." Jessica thought.

    Once she was ready, Mac began to spread open Jessica's vagina very slightly and delicately. He could immediately tell that she was nice and moist --- which would allow the banana to slide right in.

    Although it was a fairly decent sized banana, Jessica's vagina willingly accepted Mac's offering. As the banana was properly inserted, Jessica's loud exhale told him that not only did she accept his gift, but that she enjoyed receiving it.

    Being the kind hearted chef that he was, Mac carefully withdrew the large banana without breaking it. Noticing that the fruit was very firm, Mac began thrusting the banana in and out of Jessica, knowing that it would not break.

    He continued to do this repeatedly, harder and faster, causing Jessica to climax over and over again with such incredible ease. As she screamed passionately with each deep arousing thrust, Mac liked to think that he had the magic touch --- but he knew better.

    Mac was well aware that Jessica had been holding herself back all day, willfully depriving herself of any climatic sexual release. Hence, even though she was understandably a little scared now, her incredibly aroused libido from her full afternoon of erotic preparations quickly overpowered that fear. In fact, she was indeed a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode.

    Jessica's vagina hungrily accepted the firm smooth fruit with each thrust. She squealed and moaned with pure erotic delight. The large smooth banana felt so incredibly wonderful as it slid deeply in and out of her of her body --- creating the most arousing sensation.

    Jessica had never experienced anything quite as exhilarating as that banana.

    When Mac finally felt that Jessica was exhausted and climaxed-out, he inserted the banana deeply within her one final time, allowing only the tip of the banana to protrude out of her vagina.

    As Jessica once again caught her breath she replied, "Wow. I can't believe what you could do with a banana. To think, all this time I've just been eating them with my cereal. What a waste."

    Mac smiled and replied, "That's nothing. You should see what I could do with a turkey baster."

    Before Jessica could respond, Mac turned the rotisserie back on and Jessica continued to slowly rotate perfectly over the open flame.

    "Now where were we?" Jessica said playfully pretending to be forgetful as she spun over the fire.

    As if she could ever forget what they were talking about, especially when it concerned her being trussed and garnished on a giant serving platter and served for dinner.

    After a little chuckle she continued, "Ah yes, we were discussing the reasons why you shouldn't eat me for dinner."

    Mac let out a large sigh and said, "Are we still discussing this? I thought you accepted the idea of becoming my scrumptious main course tonight. You should realize by now that there's nothing you could say that would make me change my mind. I'm an Aries and very stubborn."

    Jessica needed to come up with a good idea, and fast. The intense heat from the grill was making it very difficult for her to think straight. She knew that if she spent much more time roasting over the grill that she wouldn't have enough strength to come up with any more ideas.

    Jessica's mind struggled to come up with thoughts and good arguments while Mac happily tended to his dinner's needs.

    After a little while, Mac kindly stopped the spit for a few moments to re-hydrate Jessica with a cool drink of water. When he placed the straw to her lips, she drank the cold liquid ravenously.

    As she finished she thanked Mac and said jokingly, "Thanks Mac. I guess that should keep my juices flowing for a while."

    Mac was impressed with her comment as he restarted the rotisserie. He usually liked to explain that fact to his roasting guests.

    Unfortunately, the cool relief provided by the water was brief for Jessica. Due to the intense heat, the ingested water pretty much started to drip from her pours immediately.

    Not wanting to waste her natural delicious juices, Mac then fetched a very long black metal pan and attached each end to the support bars of the rotisserie, positioning it directly underneath Jessica about a foot below her.

    As she noticed her bodily juices already beginning to collect within the pan, Jessica knew that she was in for a long hot ride.

    And she was right.

    Jessica continued to rotate peacefully on the spit for over two hours --- and she knew that dinner time was getting closer by the minute.

    A steady stream of her natural juices was now continuously dripping from her glistening golden brown body. Jessica noticed long ago that the droplets were no longer sizzling on the hot grill. The long pan suspended beneath her caught most of her yummy drippings.

    Although she didn't ask, she knew that Mac would later use the contents in the pan to baste her in her own natural juices.

    She thought to herself, "Come on Jessica. Think about all of the competitions you won on the debate team. You can come up with a valid argument. Think fast girl or you're goose is cooked...and I'm the goose"

    The intense heat from the grill was making it very difficult for her to think straight. Jessica really began to think hard --- harder than she ever had in her life.

    Then her eyes widened with excitement as she finally can up with a valid point worth arguing. Without wasting another moment Jessica informed Mac, "Hey, you can't eat me for dinner. My friend Wendy will know that I made an appointment here just before I disappeared. In fact, she's the one who gave me your business card. The police will quickly discover your little 'restaurant' and close you down for good. You'll spend the rest of your life rotting in jail for eating me. Now, I know that I may look quite juicy and delicious, I really can't deny that fact, but am I worth a lifetime in prison? However, if you let me go now, I promise not to tell anyone."

    A smile formed on Jessica's face. She was sure that she had just gotten herself removed from the menu.

    Mac then made his voice sound very concerned and responded "Oh my, I never thought of that. Gosh, I guess I'd better start unbinding you and let you go. I hope there are no hard feelings. I mean you can't blame a guy for trying to cook a woman as beautiful as yourself."

    Jessica quickly noted the hint of sarcasm in his voice and said, "I'm serious, you'd better let me go. The police will find you and you'll go to jail for cannibalism."

    Mac then walked up to her with his BBQ brush and calmly began to baste Jessica in her own hot natural juices straight from the pan. A nice light steam was now softly rising from her dark golden body, emitting the most succulent aroma imaginable.

    As he basted her thoroughly he asked Jessica, "How long have you been going to that school? From what I understand this is your first semester and you spend most of your time working or studying. That doesn't leave you with much time for socializing. So tell me, how many people would actually notice that you are missing?"

    Jessica thought about it for a moment. She realized that she had never really spoken to anyone.

    But how did Mac know this and the fact that she studied all the time?

    Then Jessica replied, "My friend Wendy will know that I'm missing!!"

    Mac politely replied, "Hum, oh yes. Wendy. Your 'so-called' best friend. Let's see now. How long have you known her again?"

    Jessica thought about it for a second. She had only really known Wendy since the beginning of the semester. But they had become such good friends during that small length of time. In fact, she was Jessica's only friend on the whole campus.

    Although she had not replied to his question, Mac then asked, "Wasn't it Wendy who told you about my spa?"

    As Mac questioned Jessica while she rotated helplessly over the fire, she began to realize that something just wasn't right.

    Jessica then asked, "Yes, Wendy came here before me. Why didn't you eat her?"

    Mac replied with a big smile, "Why would I be silly enough to cook my best recruiter. She always manages to bring in the finest women I've ever eaten."

    Jessica was immediately shocked by this sudden blow.

    She had been set up by her only friend on campus.

    Jessica cried, "Wendy wouldn't do that to me. She's my friend. You forced her to do this. You probably had her tied to the spit just like me and forced her to make a devil's pact to avoid becoming your dinner!!!"

    Mac looked at his spinning delight and said, "Although I have to admit that I would love to cook her, Wendy is actually a cannibal as well. In fact, she's a real connoisseur of femme cuisine. She has a very picky palette and only selects the finest quality women. She usually chooses them early during their first semester before they make too many friends so that no one will notice when they are missing. As far as the school is concerned, you'll be just another college dropout to add to the list. No one will ever know that you were even here, so the police will never come looking. Hell, they never have before, why should they now. And for the record, her name isn't Wendy. It's Ida. And she'll be stopping by for dinner later. She's really looking forward to dining with you tonight. I hope you'll be on your best behavior."

    Before Jessica could say anything, Mac had produced a new apple and was getting ready to stuff it into her mouth.

    Jessica realized that there was no point arguing or resisting any longer. Escape was impossible. She now knew that her only way out of this mess was on a serving platter, roasted to a golden brown perfection and deliciously garnished with vegetables and fruit.

    Jessica just couldn't accept the fact that she was betrayed by someone she thought was her best friend --- and that was the final straw.

    Betrayed and defeated both emotionally and physically, Jessica finally surrendered herself to Mac and obediently opened her mouth as widely as she could and said "Ahhhhh".

    Once again, the small red apple fit perfectly within her mouth.

    She then bit down on it tightly when she was instructed to do so. With the apple properly in place, Jessica continued her slow spit roast over the hot flaming grill.

    CANNIBAL SPA (Conclusion: Jessica on the Serving Platter)

    Jessica had now been slowly rotating over the hot grill for the entire afternoon and was fast approaching her final moments on the rotisserie. She was very surprised that she was still conscious. She remained awake and aware for the entire spit roast.

    Jessica had not so much as squirmed or moaned since Mac stuffed the apple in her mouth. Since that moment, Jessica knew, without a doubt, that she would soon be served as the evening's main course for Mac and Wendy…or was it Ida?

    Jessica had learned earlier that, not only was struggling useless, but it was also very exhausting and unpleasant. Knowing that there was no escape from appearing on the banquet menu, Jessica decided to relax, remain placid and enjoy every last moment of her spit roast.

    As she accepted her 'cordial dinner invitation' and embraced the idea of becoming dinner for two, an unusual, but serene, calmness came over her. Her remaining time on the rotisserie really wasn't all that bad. Mac tended to her very frequently and with great affection --- basting her consistently and thoroughly and later seasoning her with herbs and spices.

    He actually joked as he seasoned her, saying he was using a special blend of seven herbs and spices just for her. That's all Jessica needed, a cannibal who thought he was Colonel Sanders --- and that she was the chicken.

    Although Jessica was very weak and drowsy from the intense heat, for some unknown reason, she couldn't fall unconscious. She hypothesized that being cooked on a spit as someone's dinner had caused her a little bit of subconscious anxiety. But this was just a guess.

    However, being conscious throughout her entire spit roast had one small drawback. Jessica needed to find a way to pass the time. After all, there's only so much a woman can do when she's bound to a rotisserie.

    So, being a curious woman by nature, Jessica took the opportunity to monitor herself and her surroundings as she roasted.

    Jessica enjoyed watching her skin slowly roast to the darkest shade of brown she had ever seen. Even on her best vacation, she had never achieved a tan like this. She thought it was a real shame that she wouldn't be able to show off her stunning tan while walking on a beach wearing a little bikini. Not even Coppertone could have worked this well.

    She noticed that the light steam which rose from her body was now clearly more evident, sweetening the smell in the air throughout the kitchen.

    Jessica enjoyed the way the steam raised slowly and steadily from her deep roasted body. Jessica never imagined that she could smell so scrumptious. She smelled so good, that at one point she actually thought that she was going to start salivating.

    Jessica chuckled at the idea of drooling over her own succulent aroma. No wonder she had failed to convince Mac to let her go. Smelling this delicious, she wouldn't have let herself go neither.

    Jessica was also very impressed with how moist and tender she had become as she thought to herself, "You'd think spending an afternoon roasting over a fire would cause a person to dry out. Wow, this guy is truly one incredible chef."

    Indeed, Mac took great care to prevent Jessica from overcooking or becoming dried out by continuously re-hydrating and basting her --- and also by closely monitoring her cooking progress.

    Each time he gently tested her with the BBQ fork his eyes grew wider with delight.

    Just after her final tenderness examination Mac told her sincerely, "My goodness Jessica, you've got to be the most tender and juicy suckling piggy I have ever prepared. I wish you could see your rump from here. It has roasted so succulently that I can hardly wait for dinner to begin so I can dig in."

    Filled with great pride, Jessica smiled the best that she could considering that she still had the apple stuffed in her mouth.

    Suddenly Jessica realized something strange --- almost humorous.

    Here she was, being cooked for dinner by this cannibal chef, but he could somehow always manage to make her smile. Mac had such a charming way of making Jessica feel very special, beautiful, appreciated, and perfectly edible. He certainly was a charmer.

    Another way Jessica passed the time was by watching Mac tend to his other dinner preparations.

    The dinner table on which she was going to be served was fairly close to the rotisserie. As she slowly spun over the fire, she watched with intrigue as Mac prepared the table setting flawlessly for her upcoming dinner presentation.

    Jessica was very flattered that the table had been decorated so eloquently with beautiful candles, gorgeous floral arrangements with a variety of lovely flowers, classy silver cutlery and fine quality china.

    But what captivated Jessica the most was watching Mac meticulously prepare the enormous oval shaped silver platter that awaited her. Leafy green lettuce leaves and red cherry tomatoes were aligned along the edge of the entire plate.

    The entire center of the platter had been now covered with a steamy bed of brown and wild rice topped with decoratively arranged carrots, peppers and asparagus. It felt kind of nice knowing that the platter was being so wonderfully garnished just for her dinner appearance.

    Curiously, she wondered how Mac intended to position her on the platter. Because of her fantasy, Jessica was already familiar with the turkey and the suckling piggy position. She wondered which pose was best suited for her body type.

    Thinking about it logically, Jessica knew that the turkey pose would strongly emphasize her supple breasts, whereas with the piggy pose would mainly focus on her firm well-toned buttock and thighs.

    She knew that the answer to her question depended on whether Mac was a leg or a breast man. Jessica would have liked to ask him which position was best suited for her, but the apple in her mouth prevented her from doing so.

    Mac had just finished applying Jessica's final basting when she heard the kitchen door open and heard a familiar voice say, "Oh my God. I could smell Jessica roasting all the way from the front door. My mouth is already beginning to water."

    The footsteps then moved towards the rotisserie and then Jessica heard the voice say, "Boy, I sure do know how to pick'em, don't I. She turned out even better than I imagined. She looks absolutely adorable, just like a sweet little suckling piggy. Mac, my dear, you truly are the master chef of femme cuisine."

    Mac graciously replied, "Your praise of my culinary skills is always music to my ears, Ida. I have to admit, you definitely know how to select women of the highest quality. You've really outdone yourself when you picked this one. Jessica is so moist and juicy that she's practically a self-baster. Just wait until you taste her."

    Ida, known for her impatience, got straight to the point, "So, when will she be ready for dinner?"

    Jessica then rotated to the angle where she could see the kitchen door. There was her 'friend' standing there, practically salivating, and eagerly waiting to begin feasting on her.

    Jessica couldn't even stand looking at her. She knew that if she didn't have that apple stuffed so perfectly in her mouth that she would give that traitorous witch a piece of her mind.

    Jessica could except that fact that Mac was going to eat her. After all, he was a cannibal chef…and he didn't know her personally. But Jessica was absolutely appalled with that fact that Wendy…or was it Ida…was going to be eating her was well.

    Ida had betrayed Jessica's trust and that was unforgivable.

    "How could she eat someone she was friends with? How barbaric. Friends should not eat friends." Jessica thought to herself.

    For Jessica, this betrayal was devastating. Hurt, betrayed and emotionally exhausted, Jessica just couldn't wait for this dinner to be over with.

    However, Jessica quickly realized that she was about to get her wish when she heard Mac say to Ida, "Dinner is almost ready. You came in just in time to help me place Jessica on the platter."

    Ida replied, "Wonderful, just give me a second to speak to Jessica. After all, we are old friends."

    With a cocky stride, Ida walked up to her friend on the spit and said to her, "My, my, my…now don't we look scrumptious?"

    Having said this, Ida then began to hungrily inspect Jessica's succulent roasted body. Ida really enjoyed her inspections, especially when she knew her main course personally. Ida felt Jessica struggle with anger and said sweetly, "Now Jessica, don't be such a sore loser. You should be flattered that I choose you. Only a woman of excellent quality could satisfy my taste buds. Besides, isn't it better knowing that you are going to be enjoyed by friends."

    Jessica screamed muffled sounds of protest through the apple in her mouth. Ida just loved it when the apple was already stuffed in her dinner's mouth. Not only was it the perfect garnish, but it also kept her 'dinner guest' quiet. Besides, Ida really wasn't in the mood to hear Jessica whine. She was so tired of hearing the same old complaints over and over again like "I thought we were friends", "How could you do this to me?", and her personal favorite, "I trusted you".

    As Jessica continued to yell in protest, Ida gently poked and squeezed her all over her lightly steaming body. Being this close to Jessica, her delicious deep basted aroma was enough to drive Ida wild.

    Now ravenous with hunger, Ida decided to quicken her inspection so that the feast could start as soon as possible. She paid particular attention to Jessica's finer portions, which included her breasts, thighs, rump and vagina. As she expected, Ida was incredibly satisfied with the quality of her meat.

    Jessica's body had been cooked to such tender and juicy perfection that it was actually very difficult to choose which succulent portions she wanted for herself. To finalize her inspection, Ida gently rubbed her finger down Jessica's hot, steamy plump breast and tasted it.

    Ida was flabbergasted by her incredible flavor, and proceeded to sample her vagina in the same manner. With each succulent mouthful, Ida moaned in sheer delight.

    Although Ida was enjoying herself, Jessica definitely was not. As she was being tasted, Jessica felt humiliated. It didn't bother her when Mac tasted her, but when Ida did it, she felt so violated and helpless --- it was almost degrading.

    Sadly, the only thing she could do was lay there and taste delicious.

    Having passed her inspection with flying colors, Ida then said to Mac, "Let's get this tender little morsel on the platter. I'm starving."

    Mac happily replied, "I couldn't agree with you more Ida. The table and the platter are all ready for our guest."

    Mac then shut down the rotisserie for the final time, stopping Jessica with her back towards the grill. Jessica couldn't believe it was over. After a seemingly endless day of slowly spit roasting over a fire, she had finally stopped rotating.

    Unfortunately, she knew exactly where she was heading next.

    Ida then asked Mac the question that Jessica wanted to know earlier, "So how are we going to position my little friend here? Is tonight's theme Thanksgiving Bird or Suckling Pig?"

    Mac thought it over for a moment and said, "It's a tough decision, but I've decided that she'd be perfect if we served her trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey. It would be a shame not to expose those beautiful mouth-watering breasts."

    At that moment Jessica's curiosity had been satisfied --- Mac was a breast man.

    With that being said, and having done this many times before, Ida and Mac knew exactly what to do next. They each went to opposite ends of the rotisserie, unlocked the steel pole and carefully lifted it from the grill. As she was removed from the giant rotisserie, Jessica felt a welcomingly cool sensation that soothed her deep roasted body.

    Talk about relief. She could actually see the steam from her body beginning to dissipate.

    With Jessica still positioned with her back to the floor, Mac and Ida carried their delicious morsel over to the table.

    Jessica felt like she had been captured on safari by hungry natives and was proudly being carried back to their village, dangling from a pole supported on their shoulders.

    Once they reached the table, Mac and Ida carefully positioned Jessica, who was still bound to the spit, over the center of the platter and gently lowered her onto the bed of rice.

    As Jessica comfortably settled into her garnished surroundings, Mac then began to untie her and within a few minutes she was finally free from the spit.

    Immediately, Jessica's first impulse was to get up off the platter and kick Ida's butt. But to her surprise, when she tried to get up, she couldn't move.

    Mac, being an experienced chef, expected almost every main course to attempt at least one desperate escape once they have been placed on the platter and unbound --- and he loved to see their reaction when it failed.

    Mac kindly explained to Jessica, "After being slow roasted for several hours, your cooked muscles are now completely moist, tender and exhausted. You couldn't move a muscle even if you tried. Tied or untied, you will definitely be staying for dinner."

    He then walked to the kitchen counter to gather a few more items.

    Mac returned to the table with some pieces of material, similar to rope, but much thinner and softer. He then carefully began to position both of her legs in the air and bend them at the knees.

    Once in place, he then gently guided her bent thighs toward her breasts, keeping her legs spread apart to fully expose her vagina, and bound her ankles together, one over the other.

    Jessica really could not object. Her tired muscles and the apple in her mouth prevented her from doing so.

    Ida quickly commented, "God, you are such a perfectionist. Bind her up and let's start dinner already. I'm so hungry."

    Mac laughed at Ida but he couldn't blame her for her impatience. Jessica looked and smelled simply divine.

    He then bound Jessica's wrists together, positioned her arms between her legs and then bound her wrists to her ankles, thus resembling a trussed Thanksgiving turkey. Mac then gently positioned Jessica's mouthwatering breasts so that they were perfectly placed between her bound arms.

    Once finished, Mac took a moment to admire his work.

    Jessica looked absolutely scrumptious lying comfortably on the platter, trussed up just like a Thanksgiving turkey, with her luscious breasts beautifully protruding between her bound arms, and roasted wonderful to a moist and juicy dark golden brown perfection.

    For an additional touch of class, Mac then carefully positioned her to the center of the platter so that the lettuce and cherry tomatoes surrounded her perfectly.

    "Now for some finishing touches", Mac told Ida.

    Ida just rolled her eyes impatiently and said, "Mac, I appreciate your effort for the little details, but if you take any longer my dinner will get cold."

    Jessica really hated Ida and her attitude. At least Mac was taking the time to prepare her in the classy way that she so deserved.

    Mac said to Ida, "Now be patient. I want Jessica to look perfect this evening. I promise that she will be worth the wait."

    Having said that, Mac opened a box on a nearby table and pulled out a pair of white cloth slippers shaped like 'turkey booties'. They looked exactly like the regular booties used to decorate a roasted turkey, but these were slightly larger, made especially for woman.

    Mac then slid them on her feet like a pair of comfy slippers. They fit perfectly over her little feet.

    Mac then looked at Ida and said, "Now, doesn't Jessica look even more delicious when she's wearing the turkey booties?"

    Ida smiled humorously and replied, "Yes Mac, you were right as usual. They look absolutely adorable on her. Now can we please eat?"

    Jessica couldn't stand Ida's obvious apathy to the finer details. Personally she thought that the 'booties' made her presentation look even more scrumptious. She was really upset knowing that she was going to be eaten by someone who truly didn't appreciate a real work of culinary art.

    Jessica was now all prepared and properly positioned on the platter. However, just as Ida was getting ready to sit down to indulge herself on sweet succulent Jessica, Mac pulled out a fresh new shiny red apple.

    Ida looked up and asked, "Just what in the Hell are you doing? Oh, you can't be serious? Come on, let's just dig in. Is this really necessary?"

    Mac looked at Ida and said, "Ida, you know the rules. The main course always gets to say a few words to her dinner guests. It's tradition."

    Ida crossed her arms angrily and replied, "Fine! You and you're traditions! Let's just get this over with and start eating."

    Ida really didn't like this tradition. For some reason, the main course, whom was usually recruited by Ida, had no trouble expressing her anger about the situation, and specifically towards Ida herself.

    Mac then removed the apple from Jessica's mouth and asked her, "Jessica, is there anything you'd like to say before we start dinner."

    Jessica wanted to say hundreds of things, but she knew that that would just prolong the inevitable.

    She looked at Mac and said, "Thank you for making my dinner preparations so pleasurable. I really appreciated having my fantasy fulfilled. It's too bad that I won't be coming back for another treatment any time soon."

    Then Jessica looked straight at Ida and said the only brief thing that came to her mind, "As for you 'Ida', I hope you choke on me!"

    Ida just rolled her eyes again, ignoring the comment. It was nothing that she hadn't heard before.

    Mac laughed hysterically and then politely asked Jessica to "open wide". Obediently and without further delay, Jessica opened her mouth as wide as she could and said "Ahhhh", for the final time.

    Mac then stuffed the small apple all the way into her mouth and made her bite down on it, firmly sealing her red lips around the apple perfectly for her dinner appearance.

    Once the apple was in place, Ida said hungrily, "Ok, Mac. Jessica couldn't possibly be any more ready. I actually think that she's starting to get a little bored. Let's begin the feast."

    Mac did have to agree with Ida.

    After a long day of dinner preparations, he anxiously awaited to begin indulging himself with Jessica's succulent and tender body. They both then eagerly sat down at the table where Jessica was beautifully placed as the centerpiece.

    Before allowing Ida to start, Mac paused for a moment to appreciate Jessica's luscious presentation and aroma. There she was, finally on the dinner table, all scrumptiously trussed, seasoned, and garnished on the serving platter.

    A light steam was still rising off of her succulent juicy golden brown body, releasing the most delicious aroma imaginable. With great pleasure, Mac deeply inhaled the mouth-watering aroma of his exquisite suckling main course.

    Then, with a nod of his head, Ida knew that the feast was about to begin. With great rejoice Ida shouted, "Finally!", as she eagerly licked her lips in anticipation.

    Jessica then calmly closed her eyes and prepared to accept her role as the evening's main course. She knew, without a doubt, that she was ready to be indulged upon, savored and consumed. She was now food --- and oddly at peace with the idea.


    At the end of the feast, Mac and Ida just sat at the dinner table, completely stuffed and extremely satisfied after indulged themselves on their succulent main course.

    They both agreed that Jessica was absolutely divine.

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    This is the best cannibal story ever!

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    LOL....waxed and Dede, I'm going to hire you both as my PR agents.

    I'll be the J.K Rowling of the 'soft' cannibal world :-)


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    This is one of my favorites! Thanks

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    Great story. Definatly one of my top favorites. Hope you write more soon. Thanks.
    If I could come back after being eaten then my profession would be as meat.

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    When dinner and diner(s) are satisfied at the end it's a good cannibal story. Thanks

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    Awesome Mac! now for the others...

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    I've always wondered if you were visualizing anyone in specific for Jessica or Ida.

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    Hey L.T,

    Every character in all of my stories is based on someone I know online or in real life.

    Jessica was originally based on the DGF member known as Jess4u

    Agatha is a member on this forum.
    Ida is based on Agatha's roomate. Agatha told me about her while I was writing "Agatha and the Chefs"

    Sophie is a woman I know from the gym
    Karen is a woman I dated briefly
    Celeste was a member on the DFG member known as Sunday_Supper

    Dede and Amanda are members of this and forum the DGF.

    Oh yes, and Mac is me


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    Cool, thanks for letting us in on that.

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    Best cannibal story ever!

    I am sorry but I am going to bump this! Best cannibal story ever! Everyone should read this one

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    Another question - aside from this one and "Agatha and the Chefs", have you written and posted any other stories anywhere?

    And just as a general commentary, I think your stories are really good for getting people into the cann fetish. A friend of mine was already into bondage and some forced stuff, and she kind of sees cann as an extention of that now, but the death aspect of it kind of depresses her, so your stories were perfect for her.

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    I'll answer this for Mac...
    He has posted all five of his stories on the DGF
    Otherwise that is it...I have tried telling him that somewhere out there is a publisher looking for this kind of stuff...

    The five stories are:
    Oven Roasted Jessica - which is here
    Cannibal Spa - here
    Agatha and the Chefs
    Catered Wedding
    Easy as Pie

    Keep nagging him to get the other three edited and posted here too!!!!!

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    Great job! I can see why it took you so long to write. A spa is an excellent location for a cannibal story.

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    Sorry for the delay gang.
    I havn't been online for a few days.

    Well Dede is now definitely my official PR agent.
    Dede..expect your first check in the mail soon :-)

    She is absolutely right. I have posted 5 of my stories.
    The original versions can all be found on the DGF.

    So far I've posted two of my stories here which I have "slightly" re-edited.
    Nothing major, just better paragraphing and sentence structuring.
    (My writing skills have improved since posting my first story)

    I plan to post all my work here as I re-edit my remaining stories.

    Right now, I'm currently writing three stories:
    - A big one for Dede and Amanda which is now about 80 pages long
    - Another one about a blind date (staring Dede again)
    - A short story I just started writing called Gingerbread Woman
    My goal is to have this one done before Christmas.

    After those, I have 10 stories which I have already outlined.

    L.T, thank you so much for your wonderful comment.
    I'm so glad you're friend enjoyed my work.
    If either of you want my older stories from the DGF, I'd be happy to send them to you.
    Remember, they will be posted here eventually....better than ever.

    I've often boasted that my stories should come with the label "Cannibal 101"
    Personally I think they are a very soft and sensual introduction to a fantasy which can very easily become harsh and violent.

    I thank anyone who has taken the time to read my work and I appreciate all comments whether positive or negative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sumo_mac View Post
    Sorry for the delay gang.
    I havn't been online for a few days.

    Well Dede is now definitely my official PR agent.
    Dede..expect your first check in the mail soon :-)

    She is absolutely right. I have posted 5 of my stories.
    The original versions can all be found on the DGF.

    So far I've posted two of my stories here which I have "slightly" re-edited.
    Nothing major, just better paragraphing and sentence structuring.
    (My writing skills have improved since posting my first story)

    I plan to post all my work here as I re-edit my remaining stories.

    Right now, I'm currently writing three stories:
    - A big one for Dede and Amanda which is now about 80 pages long
    - Another one about a blind date (staring Dede again)
    - A short story I just started writing called Gingerbread Woman
    My goal is to have this one done before Christmas.

    After those, I have 10 stories which I have already outlined.

    L.T, thank you so much for your wonderful comment.
    I'm so glad you're friend enjoyed my work.
    If either of you want my older stories from the DGF, I'd be happy to send them to you.
    Remember, they will be posted here eventually....better than ever.

    I've often boasted that my stories should come with the label "Cannibal 101"
    Personally I think they are a very soft and sensual introduction to a fantasy which can very easily become harsh and violent.

    I thank anyone who has taken the time to read my work and I appreciate all comments whether positive or negative.

    So Dede's your agent, now? That seems fair. She'll get 10% of you. And, from your upcoming story list, it looks like you'll be getting 100% of her...

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    If either of you want my older stories from the DGF, I'd be happy to send them to you.
    Remember, they will be posted here eventually....better than ever.
    I suppose I can wait for the edits. Being a writer myself I can sympathize with going back over your own work and wanting to make some improvements. And my friend, well she went off and joined the army on me, so she isn't online as much anymore.

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    Sorry to hear the L.T

    Just for you, I'm going to try to post some more of my work as quickly as possible.

    I live to please my fans.


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    A bump back up for what might be the best cann story ever!

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