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cannstory In The Future Series: #1: A Delicious Error

It has been awhile since I have written a my last woman eating story. I finally finish one I had been slowly working on. I plan on making it part of a series. I have a few more ideas that I will write out if I have the time. I will make this the thread for this series.

Story #1 in my “In The Future” series of stories.

A Delicious Error
By: WomanRoaster1

Some background info on my series, and for this story:

The year is 2085. The human race has advanced a great deal. Governments have mellowed out on the subject of control of the populations, though that is do in part to how governments are truly run by the people for the people, in the respect that all people vote on the laws that are proposed by any citizen, and then the citizens vote on the proposal and if it passes it becomes law. Because of this, governments are only made up of the people that enforce the laws and the computer tech staffs that keep the voting system running and protected from hackers.

Things from science fiction like holographic technology and holo-decks have been created, though they are still too expensive for normal home installation. The biggest advances came in the area of making home life easier. Complex computers with simple interactive personalities and robotic characteristics take care of household chores. Kitchen appliances have become bigger and can hold more, because societies have become friendlier which means people have more parties, so they have to cook large amounts of food. One advance that has made the kitchen and dinning more convenient is the Serve Chef 3000. It was first introduced for public use in the year 2082 and it is estimated that at least 75% of homes now have one in service. The Serve Chef is a computerized device that is attached to a rail on the ceiling of a house. Normally the rail is present in a kitchen and leads to where the owner has placed the dinning table, but some people have installed rails to travel through a whole house so they can be served anywhere.

The purpose of the Serve Chef is simple; it prepares meals and serves them. On the sides of this sophisticated computer are attached four robotic arms, one for each side. Attached to the ends of the arms are hands that are modeled after human hands, they are even covered in a kind of soft synthetic skin. The hands are fashion in that way so that the Serve Chef can prepare meals like people do. The Serve Chef is now an integral part of home life and it is said that it can prepare and make meals better and more delicious than any world-class chef.

The thunderstorm outside had dissipated and the power had come back on in Jason’s small cozy house. Power outages were a very rare occurrence, even in thunderstorms. It had turned out that lightening had hit the power junction that fed power into the house. In such occasions, a repair crew is quickly dispatched and the outage fixed. He was relieved that it had been dealt with because he had an in home date night with his girlfriend Tiffany. It was 3pm and he had to leave to do some work at his small shop. Some important shipments were coming in and he need to be there to situate where they went. He didn’t know how long it was going to take him, so he phoned Tiffany to tell her that he might possibly be late for their date. He told her just to use the house key he gave her and that he would inform the Serve Chef to make dinner when she got there so that she could still eat if he was late.

Jason went into the kitchen and spoke, “Serve Chef, I am going out for awhile. My girlfriend Tiffany, you know her voice, will be coming over. I want you to make Tiffany a roast turkey dinner.” The Serve Chef replied, “Yes Jason.” Then Jason grabbed his car key and left. A few minutes after Jason had left the house, the Serve Chef sparked and spoke again, “Yes, yeesss, make a roast t-turkey….roast Tiffany dinner.”

At 4pm, Tiffany unlocked the door to Jason’s house since he didn’t answer when she knocked. She walked in and sat down for a minute on the couch. She sighed contently. She liked the little house. She liked that she was with Jason. She got up and went into his bedroom and looked into the full-length mirror. She was thinking about having a little fun with him after dinner that night. She was twenty-five years old. She was 5ft 3ins tall with medium length brunette hair. She was happy with her body. She loved that Jason had told her that she was his kind of in-shape. She didn’t have an athletic body, though she wasn’t fat. Portions of her body were what Jason called plump. She had nice C-cup breasts, though what Jason had been referring too was her nice thick thighs and well-rounded ass. Her ass jiggled slightly when she was wearing tight pants. Her upper arms also had a slight thickness. Tiffany had felt that her relationship with Jason was about more than sex. They had been going out for about four months and she was hoping that he was going to ask her to move in with him soon.

Tiffany left the bedroom and went into the kitchen, “Serve Chef, this is Tiffany. Make the dinner that Jason has requested for tonight.” “Yess…Zzztt, beginning preparation,” the Serve Chef said and grabbed a hold of Tiffany with two of its hands and tore her clothes off with the other two hands. Tiffany screamed and yelped during the whole occurrence and was startled again as the computer grabbed a hold of her with three hands and lifted her up onto the preparation block on the counter. It held her down on her back and proceeded to knead and rub her body all over, then turned her and did the same to her backside, seeming to pay close attention to her rump. It repeated the process, but this time it started to rub on a mixture of honey and spices. Tiffany was embarrassed to be nude and handled in such a way by a computer. “Jason must have put the computer up to this,” Tiffany thought to herself, “He’s going to jump out at any moment laughing, that I got felt up by a computer and covered in a sticky gooey mess.”

She quickly found out that her thoughts were not the case. The computer flipped her back onto her back after it tied her hands behind it, and her ankles together as well. She heard it using its free hands to make something behind her, so she couldn’t see what it was until the computer placed the bowl it was using, next to her. She looked at and caught the smell of it; it was a large bowl of chestnut stuffing. Before she could even wonder what it was for, the Serve Chef used two hands to spread and hold apart her womanhood, as it used its other two hands to quickly shove the stuffing into her, while she cried out in pain, as well as pleasure. Tiffany was panting and felt quite bloated. She couldn’t believe that the whole bowl of stuffing was now inside her. She watched the computer delicately used edible string to sew her shut so that the stuffing didn't come bursting out.

With a shaky voice, Tiffany asked, “Serve Chef, why are you doing this to me?!” The Serve Chef sparked again, “I am following Jason’s orders…bzzzt…(using Jason’s voice)…I want you to make Tiffany a roast turkey dinner.” She shouted, “I am not a turkey! You are making a mistake! He wanted you to roast a turkey, not me!” The computer spoke again, “Bzzt…Your name is Tiffany, he said make you a roast turkey dinner, not make a turkey a roast turkey dinner.” The Serve Chef quickly grabbed a giant roasting pan and stuffed her in it on her back. It violated her once more by sticking a long metal thermometer in her asshole. “Optimum oven temperature was already set to 400 degrees,” the computer opened the oven, picked up the roasting pan with three arms and started to take it over to the oven. Tiffany began to scream and shout, “Nooooo! Stop Serve Chef! I’m not food! Shut down Serve Chef, shut down! Pleeeeasse, don-mmmpphht!” The Serve Chef used its free hand and grabbed a small red apple from a fruit bowl and stuffed it into Tiffany’s mouth, “Noise level was above neighborhood law standards…bzzzt…noise level terminated.”

Tiffany felt the incredibly unbearable hot air around her as she was slid into the oven and the door closed. She did her best to try and break free of her bindings so that she could push her way out of the oven, but they were too strong. She was able to survive the first hour of roasting, hoping that Jason would come home early, but it didn’t happen. It felt nice as the Serve Chef partly slid her out of the oven to re-baste her, before she was quickly slid right back in. Tiffany was slowly beginning to lose consciousness; she couldn’t believe that she was going to end up like a Thanksgiving turkey. She started to smell a wonderfully delicious sent and realized it was the smell of her body roasting. It made her wonder what was going to happen when Jason got home and found her all roasted up. She knew that he would be sad of course, but she thought on what he would do with her.

Continuing to smell herself cooking, she question that came to her mind was, would he just report what had happened to her, or would he see what she tasted like. She thought about him sitting down to dine on her. She even wondered what she tasted like. She loved Jason and wanted him to be happy and have whatever he wanted, and since she saw no way out of her fate, she decided she would love it if he had her for dinner. She wasn’t sure at first how to convey the him such a message of approval, so she just decided that instead of a look of pain on her face, she would do her best to look happy and smile before she passed out, she was able to spit the apple out of her mouth and it briefly flew into the air, over her breasts, landed and stopped on her belly. About a half hour into her second hour of roasting, she passed out and soon was gone. The Serve Chef took her out a couple more times for re-bastings.

Jason returned home at 8:15pm. He was home later than he wanted to be, but it was his fault. He could have left his store at 3:45pm, after the shipment came, but he didn’t trust his new employees to handle the goods properly without more training from him. Walking into his house, he could smell a strange but wonderful aroma. It didn’t smell like roasted turkey; he couldn’t quite place the smell. He went into the dining room and sat down, “Serve Chef, I’m ready for dinner. Oh, and did Tiffany ever come over, I did hear or see her when I came in?” The Serve Chef rolled along the ceiling track into the dining room, carrying a large silver platter with a dome cover. Jason guessed that Tiffany hadn’t come over, since the Serve Chef had only put out one place setting. The computer sat the domed platter in front of him and his plate; the scrumptious scent was now extremely powerful. He wondered what the Serve Chef could have made.

His jaw dropped as the computer lifted the dome to reveal his lovely girlfriend Tiffany, all golden brown with steam rising off her body. Stuffing had broken free was seeping out from between her legs, which were slightly spread apart and bent back against her slightly distended belly, which had a small red apple sitting on top of where her belly button would be. “What did you do,” Jason shouted. The Serve Chef answered, “Bzzzt…here is the roast turkey…turkey …roast Tiffany that you ordered…bzzzt…eeeennnn…jooyyy…bzzt!” The machine sparked one last time and shut down.

Jason came to the conclusion that the unit had malfunction from the lightening that had struck the power junction outside. He knew what Tiffany would have ordered the Serve Chef to do, and it must have took her command literally and roasted her like a turkey. He was still shocked looking at the lovely golden brown body of the love of his life. He didn’t know how she would have felt about this strange occurrence. He then saw the strained smile on her face, and thought that she must have tried her best to keep the expression on her face. She must have wanted him not to worry, to enjoy her for the last time. He thought on how she didn’t have any family members that were alive, and she didn’t have any good friends accept for him. Nobody would miss her but him. He stared at her; he couldn’t help his mouth from watering at the sight. He had always told her she looked tasty, but that had been in the sexual sense of course. His stomach rumbled, and he decided that he could live with being a cannibal since it was his love that he was eating and it was her final wish that he do so.

Jason didn’t know where to start, so he rolled her over on her side so that he could get at his favorite part of her body. He started his meal by carving out a generous portion of the left cheek of her juicy plump round rump. He felt that Tiffany definitely had an ass that was just right for being roasted. He was right; her meat was extremely juicy and sweet with just little bit of spice to it. It practically melted in his mouth. Her flavor was exquisite, closest to what a roasted chicken tasted like. He thought it appropriate that a beautiful chick like Tiffany tasted like chicken. She was infinitely better than any Thanksgiving dinner he had ever had. After the rump meat, he made a sample plate of calf, thigh, belly, and breast meat. It was all just as succulent as her rump was. He felt that he would save the rest of her breast meat for sandwiches over the next few days, and her arms or “wings” as he liked to call them, he would save for the next day, because there was a sports game broadcast he wanted to watch, her wings would go great with some barbeque sauce.

Jason finished his meal by cutting out Tiffany’s juicy plumped up cunt, and placing it on a mound of stuffing. It was the best tasting part of her that he had; her pleasure juices had mixed with the meat and the stuffing to create an indescribably delicious flavor. He laughed at the situation, because he had planned on having a pleasurable night with her in bed, though now he was literally eating her out.

Nobody found out what had happened to Tiffany and that Jason had enjoyed eating her meat over the next couple weeks. Though, many other girls and women found out the hard way about the error that would occur if a Serve Chef unit got overloaded by electricity. There were several instances where a lovely college girl wanted soup, and got stewed in a pot. Young housewives got roasted up like turkeys and hams. Several Asian girls felt what it was like to be fried in a giant wok. One of the most talked about happenings was a sweet 18-year-old girl wanted to bake a cake for her boyfriend, because he was to come over for his birthday. She ended up baked into a chocolate cake, arms, legs and head sticking out the sides, with her breasts poking out the top of the cake; the thing that many people refer to in that story, is how the machine had swirled whipped cream on her tits, and placed a cherry on top of each swirl.

Every story that was reported, everybody admitted that they devoured the people it happened to. They defended themselves by saying that it would have been a waste not to enjoy eating their loved ones, because of the type of accident; they didn’t want the victim to have suffered in such a way for nothing.

By 2086, many people suggested that cannibalism should be legal; it became legal August of that year, with the stipulation that only people that are willing to be cooked and eaten can be used as food, but by the end of 2088, the law was changed to that any person 18 and over was fair game to be food. Restaurants began kidnapping girls and serving them to customers. It was common to see girls and women tided up alive and on display behind grocery meat counters. Turkeys and hams were a thing of the past during holidays, in their places were stuffed or glazed girls. Guys weren’t in as much danger as girls and women, because it was found that females were much tastier than males.

The Serve Chef error was fixed, but in its place was put many safe guards, but manufacturers added a small code that people could use to make it cook people when commanded with the code. Many young housewives in times of need have had themselves prepared and served to their husbands or families. It is a very different world now, girls and women are the “it” thing to eat. Under one of the definitions of delicacy in a well-known dictionary, there is a picture of young and plump roasted woman.


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Really great, short and to the point with a well fitting plot. Id love to see more of this kind of story.
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I'll be writing some more on this series soon. Right now I'm in the middle area of my a last semester in college, and in about a couple weeks I will have a few weeks of a lull in my schedule with the class that has been creating all the work that has and will be making my life hectic for a bit.
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womanroaster1: Enjoyed this delicious tale about the benefits of computer malfunctions. Thanks and best wishes. lens
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