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cannstory FemCann from Clemstra - I -Harvest Fest

Harvest Fest - by Clemstra

Frank had been kidnapped. He had tried picking up a
beautiful blonde in a bar. She'd bought him a drink,
he'd had trouble finishing sentences afterwards.
The blonde had told him she'd give him a lift home. He
fell asleep in her car, waking up naked, imprisoned.

He woke up naked on a very nice soft bed. The bed seemed
to be solid cushions, blankets, covers, and a pillow. The
bed was attached to the floor. He got out of the bed, his
feet touching soft furry carpet over two inches deep. If
he fell onto the floor the carpet would easily cushion his
fall. The place he was in was dark, but not so dark he
couldn't make out some furniture.

There was a table and chairs, all soft and cushiony, all
attached to the floor. Near one end a bench, also attached
to the floor, also cushiony. He found a door leading to
a small bathroom. He felt a light switch, clicked it on.
The bathroom had a toilet and handsink, but nothing more.
He went back into the main room, finding a curtain he slid
it back. The entrance to where he was had an ornate iron
gate with a heavy looking lock.

Two women sat in chairs opposite his comfy prison. One was
of African American Heritage, the other was a red head. Both
women were absolute stunners, he had never seen skin so perfect,
so smooth. Well endowed, well manicured hands, they were a
dream come true.

They looked at him through the ornate gate
and smiled. "Hello Frank" the Red head said smiling at him.

"Lonely honey?" the African American woman said softly.

"Why don't we get you your breakfast?" The redhead said, moving
down a hall to a place Frank couldn't see.

The African American women smiled nicely at Frank. "Don't worry
Frank, you'll be well taken care of. I'm Dee Dee" she told him.

The red head came back. "You tell us if you like this for breakfast
Frank, if not we'll get you something else."

They opened the gate, he found himself stepping back. Dee Dee guided
him to the table. He sat down, they sat with him, closing the gate
behind them. They sat the tray on the table before him. A thick
slice of ham, maple cured. Two scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes,
a glass of orange juice and a pot of coffee with a cup for him to
drink. He hungrily ate, finding himself chatting with these two
women as if they were old friends. Dee Dee took a pad of paper
and wrote what Frank wanted for breakfast tomorrow, what he wanted
for lunch and for dinner.

Finished with breakfast he found himself feeling even more cooperative
with his two captors. Perhaps there were drugs in the food? They
lead him over to the table were he laid down for them. They gave him
a nice soothing massage, stroking his back, kneading him. Their
beautiful hands stroking, caressing his buttocks. He moaned in
desire. They turned him over, face up they massaged his arms, chest,
stomach, legs. Dee Dee started stroking his balls, he moaned in
pleasure, his member starting to expand. The red head told him
her name was Cindy. She started to stroke his penis, moving her lips
down, she kissed, licked, then started to suck his dick.

He moaned in ecstasy as Cindy sucked him to the heights of pleasure,
his cum squirting in her mouth. Dee Dee changed tasks with her,
as Cindy started playing with his balls and Dee Dee started to fondle
and stroke his member stiff again. As with Cindy, Dee Dee licked,
and sucked him until he cumed in her mouth. Breathing heavily,
they let him rest, sponging him with wet sponges, bathing him with
some sweet smelling scented water. They brought him back to his
bed, tucked him in as a mother would a child. They kissed his
forehead, leaving with his food tray, coffee cup, the sponges.
He heard them close the gate to his prison, as he fell asleep.

Frank was awakened by the sound of his cell gate being opened. The
beautiful blonde in the bar came in smiling at him. He found himself
smiling back.

"How are you Frank?" she inquired.

"Fine, your name is?" He asked.

"I'm Madelyn, do you need to use the restroom?"

She helped him up and to the small bathroom. After that she brought
him to the table and sat him down. There was woman with astonishing
black shiny hair sitting opposite him waiting.

"I'm Erica." She said smiling at him.

They served lunch to him, steak, with wild rice, asparagus, with
sautéed mushrooms and apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
on top. As with Dee Dee and Cindy, they had him come over to the
bench and lie down. They massaged him, played with him, sucked
him, then Erica stroked him erect again and rode him. In the
height of passion as she rode him, she told him he would be such
a nice tender, juicy morsel. The intense pleasure he felt as
she rode him canceled out any fear he might have had. They gave
him a sponge bath and put him to bed.

Dinner was a repeat of lunch, with a different menu...excellent
food. This time a woman with brown hair calling herself Sharon
and a woman of Asian heritage named Connie tended him. Again
a very thorough massage after eating, then sex, followed by a
sponge bath and they put him to bed.

His days now consisted of eating great food, talking with the
six women who listened to him as no one ever had. Of being
massaged, having sex, being bathed, using the rest room and
sleeping. They told him he was the image of the Harvest God.
His destiny was to be loved, cared for, fattened then eaten at
the end of November. He was basically going to be their Thanks
Giving feast. For some reason he wasn't afraid, it turned him
on. They told him not to be afraid, they didn't want him to
feel pain or fear. It would be good, they'd feed him a
special nerve poison, just a little at a time. It had the
effect to kill his ability to feel pain, while increasing his
ability to feel pleasure.

By the time they would prepare, cook and eat him, he would
be unable to feel pain. He would feel pleasure though, great
pleasure. They told him they needed him, his sacrifice,
his flesh being consumed by them, would keep them young,
strong, renew their vow to their Goddess.

"We love you Frank, not just anyone is chosen."

"I don't understand?" He told them. "How was I chosen?"

"We've been watching you Frank, we did research on you."
Erica told him, as she massaged his buttocks. "Six months
you shall be given of total pleasure, your death being
the ultimate pleasure. You shall then dwell with the
Goddess as one of her servants, beloved for all time."

She kissed his head as she continued to knead and massage
his buttocks. "Your rump roast is so tender Frank, I can hardly
wait to eat you." She whispered to him, he moaned.

Each day he felt a desire grow in him to be eaten by these women.
Each day he grew plumper, by the end of six months he'd be huge.
A fitting harvest feast, symbol of the harvest God to be consumed.

Erica made love to him, riding him hard, telling him he was so
tasty looking. He was beginning to associate sex with being tasty,
plump and juicy. Associating sex with being eaten by these women.

Three months had passed, he had memorized all they had told him
of his fate. He wanted it, he looked forward to it. They let
him out of his luxury pen for slow walks now. Sometimes to soak
in a hot tub with herbs that would further soften his skin and
make him tasty. They were careful with him, they said they had
to watch him to prevent him having injuries. He was less capable
of feeling pain, but the sex, the massages became more and more
intensely pleasurable.

The day before he was to meet his fate they had to get him ready.
Mentally, emotionally he was already prepared. They gave him
enemas, they were gentle about it. It felt a bit strange, but
they told him it had to be done to empty his stomach and intestines.
They put a white solution up him after he was clean, to put his
digestive track to sleep. They removed all his hair, pulled his
toe and finger nails. He was fascinated, as they pulled his
nails. Instead of pain there were tiny feelings of pleasure.

They put him in the hot tub to marinate, he slept in the tub,
marinating overnight.

In the morning they massaged him, then had sex with him one
at a time. Dee Dee tied the base of his penis to keep it
up and stiff. They put onion rings around his penis, and
mushrooms. They massaged spices into the pores of his skin,
telling him how perfect he'd come out. They stuffed stuffing
mix up his anus. Guiding the stuffing up with a rod into his
stomach till he was fully stuffed. They tied his wrists and
ankles together, basted him with melted butter, with sage and
spices. They put a nice big onion in his mouth and put him
into the oven.

The oven was cold when he was put in. They turned it on to
preheat, making him more comfortable. When the oven had
achieved it's preheat status they turned the temperature up
a little more. They kept doing this for a half hour, then
took him out to bast him, keeping him tender and juicy. He
felt cold outside the oven, happy once he was back in. The
oven temperature was turned up by twenty five degrees. Every
half hour he was taken out of the oven and basted.

After several hours he felt intense pleasure all over his body.
It was like one massive orgasm. His entire body was cooking,
he could hear himself sizzling and he wanted this. He could
smell himself cook, he smelled delicious.

They took him out, he was still alive and fully aware. They
laid Frank out on a platter, telling him how wonderful he
had come out, all golden brown and ready for eating. They
took the onion from Frank's mouth, listening to him make
sounds of pleasure as they nibbled then chewed his living
flesh. They had let him chose which of them would get to
eat his penis and balls. While he was still alive and aware,
Erica slowly nibbled, hungrily eating his balls then penis.

He remained alive for several hours as they ate him. They
had been honest with him, there was no pain. It was the
most intensely pleasurable experience of his entire life.
It was of course also the end of his life.

He was the best feast they'd had in years! The Goddess was
well pleased!!!
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This was always my favorite.
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Great story - perfect length! Thanks!

Abduction, bondage, & cannibalism.....any questions?
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really liked story thank you Guitarman
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Clemstra, you're great!!
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WOW! Beautiful story Clemstra i hope you post many many more. thanks
If I could come back after being eaten then my profession would be as meat.
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This story brought the two of us, Clemstra and me, together. I was hoping she knew such women! Alas, it's just a story!
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Clemstra, you are really great. I'd love to be the guest of those six women and even ready for you also. Pls eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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This is one of the best Femcan(n?) stories I've ever read. Thank-you Clemstra, this is truly great.
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cannstory Canine - what about your work?

Would love to see some of your work here as well Canine.
Always loved many of your short stories.

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