Much of the modern cannibal artwork is discovered without proper credit for the artist.
If you can identify some of these fine modern artists, please email me at with the information.
Much appreciation goes to these unknown creative talents.




















Two works by a very talented modern artist named Victor Allen Abraxa
who hosts his own gallery here



Digital paintings by the clever cartoonist named Pete Boggs
who hosts some of his other work here



Some rare cannibal art by the extremely talented bondage artist known as Alazar. 
His vivid and detailed work is featured at his own site here.



Two very expressive works from a very creative toon-styled artist known as Carrie
 who maintains her own galleries here.



One of the most colorful and visually potent artists working today is known as Mamabliss
and maintains an enormously prolific site of illustrations over here. A true modern master.


3 works by Rikki


Click Here for the Animated Art Gallery



Cannibal Bugs Bunny by Sarapul

The work of Elfo

Alien Husband by Sarapul

A variation on "Jack and the Beanstalk" by Sarapul

The work of Morpheus Dreams