The Reviews are in

"Stop whatever you're doing and buy Canntoons new video game! Make no excuses about money woes- sell an organ, sell your children, sell someone else's children. You must play this masterpiece!"

"In a word:
this game is fabulous.

Ok, that was 4 words, but seriously, anyone even remotely into this fetish is going to LOVE playing CannTycoon."

"Unbelievably fun... Oh, those wriggling, squirming, whimpering girls...!
I loved every bit of this game"

"CannToon makes dreams come true!"

"Cannibal Tycoon rocks!
YOU are the chef; inserting an apple in your captive's mouth, salting her, dropping her in the pot, et al--it's the scenario that WE addicts have been begging for
(so show your support for God's sake; I wanna sequel!)"

"We've had a taste of the perfect game, appetite really whetted for more!"

"it's all in your face and it's delicious!"

"All I have to say about this game is...

The very first Cartoon Cannibal Videogame Adventure
is now available!

800x600 display - Recommended specs - 

Pentium 233 MHz (Recommended: Pentium 500MHz or greater)
64 MB RAM (Recommended: 128 MB RAM or greater)
42 MB hard drive space

Contact if you need any software support or help.

ATTENTION for paying by eCheck:
We accept eChecks! Just be aware that generally the system only sends the file when the eCheck clears which can take a bit.  I
f it's taking too long, email me and we'll be happy to send your purchase over immediately.

In the new video game adventure "Cannibal Tycoon," players find themselves running a tribe of Amazon Cannibals who's ravenous appetite must be fed. As the leader of the tribe, you'll capture wayward explorers and tourists wandering through the jungle and then serve them up to your hungry warrior gals.  Do well and you'll earn more to spend on new cooking tools but fall too far behind and it could be your own tribal girls on the menu!

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Girls who wander into the wrong jungle could find themselves in hot water. Use your hand to make sure the meat gets properly tenderized!


In your tribe, visitors always stay for dinner. You're a tribal leader now.  Time to make your points effectively!


A well seasoned dish will earn you more from your tribe.

Keep your Amazons well fed or it could be their turn on the menu!

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