The Cartoon Cannibal Videogame Adventure is back!

In the new video game adventure "Cannibal Warrior," casts you in the role of an Amazon Warrior searching for her next prey on CannToon Island.  Battle dangerous foes and capture their girls to serve them up for dinner!  It's an island full of mystery and secrets to unlock as you hunt down your next meal.  Available only inside...


Minimum specs:
800 MHz Processor

512 MB RAM (
Recommended: 1 GB)
400 MB hard drive space

Contact if you need any software support or have any questions.
Get the latest version of DirectX for optimum performance.




You can't catch your prey without a fight! Island BBQ is a favorite speciality in your tribe.


A well seasoned dish will earn you more from your tribe. You're not the only predator on this island!


Travel the lush shores of CannToon Island where danger and dinner lurk around every corner.

Hospitality is really about serving the guests.

On an island this small you're bound to run into a few familiar faces.

Some guests are a bit reluctant to cooperate with your dinner plans.